ITEM 121-107-R1103 Proposal





The campaign will elevate the image, visibility, and understanding of the current and potential impacts of Montana’s two-year colleges on individuals, workforces,

communities, and the economy.


Target Audiences       

The general public in Montana                                Business and industry leaders

High school students                                             Opinion leaders

High school counselors, administration, and faculty  Public officials

Private and public organizations/associations


Strategies and Timeline

  1. Develop coordinated marketing campaign to elevate understanding of two-year education in general, as well as structures of Montana two-year education, and specific programs/potential of individual two-year colleges.  Campaign will emphasize those two-year colleges funded in whole or in part by the Montana University System (i.e., colleges of technology and community colleges), but will also feature (in #2 strategy) two-year degrees available at Montana’s four-year colleges and Montana’s tribal colleges.


  1. Partner with Montana newspapers to prepare 24- to 32-page publication on Montana’s two-year colleges, including tribal colleges and two-year programs at four-year colleges.  Publication will be disseminated:

a.       as insert in Montana newspaper network reaching 374,000 Montanans

b.       as information piece for each participating college to distribute to key influencers in local communities

c.       as information piece for state organizations of high school counselors, cities and counties, economic development associations, etc.


Participating newspapers will provide teaser campaign and hot-link publication to individual colleges’ web sites.


  1. Contract for services to develop four 30-second spots for television advertising and 10-minute video for use with high school students and personnel.  


  1. Contract with same company for 30-second spots for radio to ensure consistency of quality and message across media.


  1. Contract for services to develop billboards/movie headers promoting two-year education.  


  1. Create Two-year Advocacy Group to address key statewide organizations on two-year education. 


Timelines dependent on coordinated campaign strategy; project complete by December 2004.