March 17-18, 2005


ITEM 126-201-R0305                  Approval of Proposal to designate an Associate of Arts degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling (to replace the current AAS in CDC).


THAT:                                       The Board of Regents authorizes Dawson Community College to offer a designated AA degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling.


EXPLANATION:                        This request is propelled by the following:

1.   The Department of Labor and Industry has set the standard to be a designated AA degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling (See the document E-mail from Cynthia Reichenbach) (Also see the MCA attachment 37-35-202 Paragraph 2b).


2.    The state legislature determines some of the course content for the program and its overall educational requirements.  The last three legislatures have had bills introduced to raise the minimum educational level for CDCs to a Bachelor’s Degree (the de facto National Standard). The change to a designated AA will satisfy the Department of labor and Industry’s expectations and ease the eventual transfer to four year institutions.