DATE:               March 17 – 18, 2005


TO:                   Montana Board of Regents


FROM:              Roger Barber, Deputy Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs


SUBJECT:        Level I Approvals

Montana State University-Bozeman:


  • ITEM 126-2004+R0305:  Montana State University-Bozeman asked permission to eliminate its Department of Entomology, as an academic unit.  Degree offerings will not be changed by the elimination, and the faculty in the Department will be assigned to other departments in the College of Agriculture.  Elimination of the Department should be completed by July 1, 2005.


Montana State University-Billings:


  • ITEM 126-2703+R0305:  Montana State University-Billings asked that the name of its new option in Clinical Laboratory Science be changed to Medical Laboratory Science.  The new option is part of the institution’s Bachelor of Science degree program in Biology, and was included in the Level I memorandum that went to the Board of Regents in January 2005. 

Final approval of the program, and this name change, is contingent on the Montana Board of Regents’ favorable action on Item 126-2704-R0105, which is part of the action agenda at this meeting.  The requested name is consistent with similar programs in the Montana University System.


  • ITEM 126-2704+R0305:  Montana State University-Billings requested permission to deliver its Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration on-line.  Most of the coursework in the degree program is already available, in an on-line format, and the remaining classes will be ready for delivery by Summer Semester 2005.


  • ITEM 126-2705+R0305:  Montana State University-Billings College of Technology asked that the name of its Associate of Applied Science degree in Application Development be changed to Computer Application Development.


The University of Montana-Missoula:


  • ITEM 126-1004+R0305:  The University of Montana-Missoula asked that the name of its School of Pharmacy and Allied Health be changed to the College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences.  It also asked that the following organizational moves and departmental names be part of that change: 1) the Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmacy Practice would be housed in the  Skaggs School of Pharmacy;2) the Department of Social Work would become the School of Social Work; and 3) the Department of Physical Therapy would become the School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science.


The University of Montana-Western:


  • ITEM 126-1602+R0305:  The University of Montana-Western requested permission to change the name of the option in Pre-professional Health Sciences, in its Bachelor of Arts degree, to Biological and Biomedical Sciences.