State Government Outreach


The board directs that the Commissioner, Presidents and Chancellors, working together, prepare for presentation to the board at the January 2003 meeting a written inventory of challenges facing state government as reported to them during interactions with state government officials or otherwise brought to their attention.

The board further directs that a letter be sent from the board to Montana’s statewide elected executive branch leaders, legislative leaders and the Chief Justice of the state supreme court inviting them to meet with the board during the January meeting to prepare an inventory of the various challenges facing state government extending beyond higher education and higher education funding and for a discussion of ways the board and the Montana University System can work with those officials on crafting solutions.  


Regent Mercer MOVED for approval of item.

Motion APPROVED unanimously on a 7-0 vote.


Professor Howard indicated the faculty believe this is a good idea in principle.  However, the primary expertise will come out of the faculty who are already involved in many ways, and he asked that consideration be given to their workload and expectations.  Regent Hamilton expressed concern about the practicality of the second paragraph if it was expected that the inventory of challenges and concerns was to be presented at the January, 2003 meeting.  Regent Mercer indicated he only expected the CEOs to make up lists and to check them with their current contacts, and that no special meetings would be expected.