Policy and Procedures Manual


Policy 1008 - Use of campus facilities 
Effective November 18, 1999; Issued December 10, 1999

Board policy

Campuses of the Montana University System may permit use of campus facilities by persons or groups not associated with the schools.  The units may establish their own policies for use of facilities, which must include and not conflict with the following requirements: 

a.  Use of facilities by anyone not associated with the campus shall not disrupt regular academic programs or activities of the campus; 

b.  Students, faculty, staff and organizations affiliated with the University System shall have priority in the use of facilities over anyone not associated with the University System; 

c.  Any person or organization not affiliated with the University System, requesting a special use of campus facilities, shall submit such a request in writing on a form supplied by the school.  The person or organization shall assume responsibility for the activity and shall be required to release the school from liability or obtain liability insurance.  This section does not apply to regularly scheduled uses of recreational facilities which are open to the public; 

d.  Fees.  Rents and charges for use of a particular facility may be assessed in amounts sufficient to offset costs of the use of the facility to the campus.  The campus may also require a deposit to cover possible damage resulting from the use of the facility; 

e.  No solicitation.  Solicitation of funds by any person or organization unaffiliated with the school may not be conducted unless prior permission is granted in writing by the president, chancellor or a designee; 

f.  Commercial activities.  No commercial activity or event involving the sale of goods and services, the proceeds from which inure to the benefit of a person or organization not associated with the campus, and no sale of food or beverages shall be permitted on campus property unless permission is granted in writing by the president, chancellor or a designee;

g.  Competition with Private Sector.  Any approval for the use of campus facilities should be consistent with the guidelines laid out in Policy 1909 (“Competition with the Private Sector).


Item 29-002-R1080, Use of campus facilities, Montana University System, October 31, 1980; as revised November 18, 1999 (Item 104-103-R0999).

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