Policy and Procedures Manual


Policy 506.2 - Associated student organizations and officers
Effective November 18, 1999; Issued December 10, 1999

Board policy

            The recognized student government organization on each campus (hereinafter referred to as the associated students organization) shall be constituted and operated according to the following policies. 

            1.         The associated students organization shall have a constitution, which must be approved by the president or chancellor of the campus in order to be effective. 

            2.         The constitution shall specify how funds to other student organizations will be distributed, and the distribution shall be in accordance with the stated policy. 

            3.         Applicable state and federal laws and regulations, Regents' policies, and campus policies shall be followed in the operation of the associated students organizations.  This includes, but is not limited to, the areas of purchasing, travel, personnel, retirement systems, accounting, and bidding. 

            4.         Grants from the associated students organization to other organizations, except those organizations created in Item 5, shall be accompanied by a disclaimer of liability. 

            5.         The Associated Students' constitution shall provide for a publications board for all student media or for each student publication or broadcast station.  The composition and charge of the boards shall be specified in the constitution.  The duties shall include overseeing the general operation of the publications without infringing on First Amendment rights. 


                Item 49-003-R0985; Administrative Policy, Associated Student Organizations and Officers; Montana University System (as amended), October 25, 1985 and November 18, 1999 (Item 104-103-R0999).

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