Policy and Procedures Manual

Policy  - 711.3 Multiple-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

November 16, 2007 ; Issued December 3, 2007

Board Policy:

1.         This policy allows for the entering into of multiple-year contracts for non-tenure track faculty under the terms set forth herein.

2.         This policy may be used by all units of the Montana University System. Units subject to collective bargaining may bargain for multiple-year contracts but only to the extent allowed by this policy.

3.         Employees on campuses to which this policy applies may be hired for periods of more than one year, but no more than five years, subject to the following express conditions:

a.         Such employees are faculty but not tenure-track employees.

b.          The position for which the employee is being employed is one that has been

identified, through appropriate campus procedures, for a multiple-year contract.

                        c.         Nothing in this policy prohibits a campus from terminating the contract of a non-tenure track faculty member for reasons of cause, or financial exigency of that campus, or discontinuance or reduction of a program or department of instruction, or any other reasons that are not in violation of express Regents policy or state law.

d          The form of multiple-year contracts must be approved by the Commissioner of

Higher Education. All multiple-year faculty appointments must be reported to OCHE and approved by the Board of Regents in accordance with normal reporting and approval requirements.

            4.         Campuses shall report to the Commissioner annually a summary of the extent to which multiyear contracts are used.


Approval of Pilot Program on Multiple-Year Contracts for Non-Tenure Track Faculty (New), approved January 20, 2005, ITEM 126-104-R0105Item 137-112-R1107, approved November 16, 2007 (supporting material).