Policy and Procedures Manual


Policy 713.1 - Workers' Compensation; Workplace Safety
Effective March 20, 2003; Issued May 2, 2003

Board Policy:

It is the policy of the Montana University System (MUS) to provide and promote a safe and healthy work environment for all employees to foster a positive atmosphere for learning and the educational process. The Montana University System (MUS) Board of Regents believes our employees are our most important assets.

Each MUS unit will designate at least one individual identified by job description and evaluation criteria who shall have authority and responsibility for occupational safety, health, and loss control activities campus wide. To enhance consistency and lead to an efficient loss control program an individual may be assigned authority and responsibility for more than one campus.

During the initial orientation period, each employee will be informed of the individual institution's emphasis on safety and the individual employee's responsibility for safety. This will include information regarding workers' compensation coverage, accident reporting, accident investigation procedures and injury monitoring and mitigation efforts. Supervisors shall have the responsibility of requiring safe work practices for their employees.

Item 118-104-R0303, Workers' Compensation Proposal, Workplace Safety, approved by the Board of Regents March 20, 2003.

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