Policy and Procedures Manual


SUBJECT:  COMPENSATION                                              

Policy 806.1 - Supervising teachers; payment
Adopted May 30, 2008; Issued June 23, 2008

I.   Board Policy

The Montana Board of Regents recognizes that the Montana University System’s success in preparing teachers for the State’s elementary and secondary schools depends on the support and assistance of the school districts and the individual K-12 teachers or personnel (hereinafter referred to as teachers) who supervise and/or evaluate student teachers.  The Board of Regents also realizes that teacher education programs in the System utilize the same schools and districts to place their student teachers, so some uniformity in compensation is desirable to avoid unfair competition in those placements. Further, the Board of Regents is aware that there are unique circumstances that each of the campuses with teacher education programs must take into account before adopting a schedule of compensation for these valuable colleagues. 

II.  Procedures.

To implement Board policy, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1. During Fall Semester of every even-numbered year, the teacher education programs in the Montana University System, with the assistance of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, will collectively review the compensation awarded to K-12 teachers who supervise and/or evaluate student teachers.

  2. The compensation shall be in the form of cash stipends, course credit opportunities, tuition assistance, other professional development programs, or any combination thereof.  Regardless of the form, the compensation will have a uniform, base value, which shall be determined as part of the periodic review.

  3. The campuses have the right to provide additional compensation above the base for the evaluation and supervision of student teachers.  In no circumstances shall that compensation be more than $100.  That additional compensation shall also be part of the periodic review.

  4. In the rare instance where teachers covered by this policy are asked to take on additional responsibilities outside the usual supervision and evaluation role, those teachers may be appropriately compensated for that work as long as it is documented and the exceptions are included in the periodic review.  An example would be participation in a research project on the supervision of student teacher candidates.

  5. All teacher education programs are expected to follow the compensation limits established in the last periodic review.  Compensation outside those limits is only permissible if it has been part of the last periodic review process.

  6. If more than one teacher is assigned to a student, the compensation described in this policy will be shared by those teachers.  Campuses also have the right to compensate each teacher separately, under the provisions of this policy, if they feel the workload justifies such compensation.

  7. The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education will keep a record of the periodic reviews, and information about the compensation will be provided to the Montana Board of Regents upon request.


           Item 139-101-R0508 approved by the BOR May 30, 2008 [Supporting Material ITEM 139-101-R0508 Attachment 1 | Attachment 2].

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