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State Advisory Team

Composed of key leaders across the state of Montana, the State Advisory Team sets the overall direction of the College!NOW initiative with an ongoing commitment to move forward.  This team supports all College!NOW workgroup activity by focusing on necessary policy changes and early implementation issues.

Team Notes:





John E. Cech Deputy Commissioner for Two-Year and Community College Education & State Director for College!NOW Office of Commissioner of Higher Ed
Blackketter, Donald Chancellor Montana Tech of the University of MT
Brown, Dick President Montana Hospital Association
Christian, Clayton Commissioner Office of Commissioner of Higher Ed
Clark, Anne Evaluator Collaborative Research Associates
Cruzado, Waded President Montana State University
Engstrom, Royce President The University of Montana
Groseth, Rolf Chancellor Montana State University Billings
Hall, David College!NOW Project Coordinator Office of Commissioner of Higher Ed
Heiman, Judy Montana Liaison Lumina Foundation
Jones, Sue Director of Two-Year Mission Integration Office of Commissioner of Higher Ed
Limbaugh, James Chancellor Montana State University Northern
Nystuen, Bob President Glacier Bank
Robinson, Major Regent Montana Board of Regents
Rogala, Zach Student Regent Montana Board of Regents
Spang, Zane Dean of Student Affairs Chief Dull Knife College
Villa, Dan Budget Director Governor’s Office
Warner, Tim Senior Vice President Montana Strategies 360
York, Steve Assistant Superintendent Office of Public Instruction
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