Essential Steps for States

Complete College America identifies 6 essential steps

1.  Set State and Campus Completion Goals.

Montana’s goal is set: increase percentage of population with a college credential from 40% to 60%. In order to meet this goal, college and universities in Montana must increase annual production of degrees and certificates.

2.  Uniformly Measure Progress and Success.

Complete College Americas provides a common set of progress and outcome metrics for all states and a dashboard for comparing states and campuses.

3.  Shift to Performance Funding.

Implement new funding models that tie funding to outcomes, providing incentives for advancing and graduating students, not just enrolling them.   TAKE ACTION

4.  Reduce Time to Degree and Accelerate Success:

Require on-time completion plans, create incentives for full-time enrollment, utilize incentive-based financial aid, eliminate unnecessary course-taking, and more.   TAKE ACTION

5.  Transform Remediation:

Divert students from traditional remediation, clarify what constitutes college readiness, establish a statewide approach.    TAKE ACTION

6.  Restructure Delivery for Today’s Students:

Operate programs on block schedules, create academic maps from first term to last term, utilize year-round attendance.  TAKE ACTION

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