Find Scholarships

Even though there are many scholarships available, it can be difficult to find all of the information you need. Below is a list of sources for scholarships that will help you in your search.

Scholarship Search

Use the Montana University System Scholarship Search to find scholarships available for a variety of subject areas, academic levels, and state and tribal colleges and universities.


When beginning your search for a college to attend, make sure to check out all that you are interested in applying to.  Often one general application will qualify you for several scholarships offered through your college of choice. Many scholarships are also offered through college departments, by major or by area of interest.  Check with the financial aid office for additional scholarships.

The Community

Communities are a great source for gift aid such as scholarships.  Often your chances of receiving a community scholarship are greater because the applicant pool is smaller.  Your high school counselor should have a list of local community scholarships and you should check with churches, private organizations and area businesses for more information.  Large companies in your area and your parent’s employers are also great places to search.  In some cases you do not have to be directly associated with an organization to qualify for a scholarship.

The Internet

The Internet is a great source to find a wide variety of scholarships.  Use a search engine such as “Google” and type in your interest areas, possible career choices, colleges you wish to attend, etc.  As you surf the Net remember to watch out for scholarships scams.  You should never have to pay for a scholarship search!

Reputable Scholarship Web Sites