TO:���������������� Board of Regents


FROM:���������� Mary Sheehy Moe

����������������������� Interim Dean, Montana State University � Great Falls College of Technology


RE:���������������� Campus Report for the July 12 � 13, Board of Regents� Meeting



In July, Montana State University�Great Falls College of Technology published its Annual Report on Institutional Effectiveness, a summary of the College�s progress in the past year toward achieving its mission.� The report, currently being disseminated to internal and external stakeholders in the College�s programs, provides a sampling of institutional assessment results and highlights the College�s achievements and challenges identified through the assessment process.


Copies of the Annual Report on Institutional Effectiveness may be obtained by calling 406-771-4310 or visiting the Campus News link on the College�s website (� The areas of achievement and challenge are provided in this campus report.


The College�s Achievements for Academic Year 2000-2001 have been:


  • High job placement rates for our graduates, especially in allied health fields
  • A high level of student satisfaction with the quality of instruction and customer service at the College
  • Expanded access to higher education opportunities through evening, summer, and online offerings
  • New and productive partnerships with K-12 school districts and with other units of the Montana University System
  • An excellent record of responsiveness to the needs of business and industry, as well as those of the community, the region, and the state


Challenges for Academic Year 2001-2002 are:


  • Constantly updating equipment and faculty/staff training to support state-of-the-art, high-skill programs
  • Supporting knowledge-on-demand through faculty incentives and administrative, technical, and clerical services for distributed learning
  • Responding to the higher education needs in Great Falls within the space limitations of the MSU�Great Falls Campus facility
  • Meeting the needs/interests of academically unprepared students
  • Striking a better balance between adjunct and full-time faculty