Board of Regents


Alex Capdeville, Chancellor


July11, 2001


Campus Reports for the July 2001 Board of Regents Meeting



�         Planning Process - The institutional-wide planning process continues at MSU-Northern.� A Strategic Planning Committee and an Educational Master Plan Committee have been organized, and the committee members will spend the summer gathering information for the structured planning process that will take up most of fall semester.� Marcy Drummond, the consultant from Critical Data who has been assigned to the MSU-Northern project, spent two days on campus in late May working with the two committees and helping the members understand the planning process.� The orientation session, for all members of the campus community in late August, will emphasize planning, and several meetings with Ms. Drummond will be scheduled during that "welcome back."


�         Summer School - Summer school enrollments are good.� After several years of a modest decline, especially after conversion to the semester system, summer school enrollments increased last year on the MSU-Northern campus, reaching 371 FTE.� The numbers are even better this year.� At the time of this report, enrollments had reached 425 FTE.� Of course this may fluctuate some by the end of summer, but we are very optimistic.


�         MAT - The Montana Actors Theater, a successful community theater group in Havre, has taken up residency on the MSU-Northern campus.� MAT presents 5 - 6 productions during the year, including dinner theaters, a children's play and a camp for high school students.� Its production of "Hamlet" a year ago filled the 700-seat high school gymnasium for eight performances.� Earlier this year, MSU-Northern approached MAT about moving to the campus and taking over the institution's theater facility.� The group has also agreed to work with Northern on the development of theater practicums for Northern's students.


�         Indian Education Grant - Approximately 50 Native American education students are spending the summer on the MSU-Northern campus.� As part of the Indian Education Grant partnership with Northern, students from Fort Peck College, Fort Belknap College, Stone Child College and Blackfeet College are completing their "semester in residency" on the Havre campus.� Most of the coursework for the Indian Education Grant is offered in an alternative format, including distance delivery techniques and compressed weekend sessions.� All of the partners agreed that the Native American students should spend time on the MSU-Northern campus in a traditional classroom setting, however, and summer seemed the best time to do that.� Several students in the program will student-teach in the fall, and the first graduates are expected in January 2002.


�         NCATE - MSU-Northern continues to work on NCATE accreditation for its education programs.� The formal visit for that important process is scheduled for Spring 2002.� As part of the preparation for that visit, the College of Education and its faculty had to prepare a "conceptual framework," the core philosophy that guides all of the coursework and activities of the education program.� That conceptual framework has to be approved by NCATE before the formal campus visit is scheduled.� NCATE was so impressed with MSU-Northern's "conceptual framework" that it has referred other institutions throughout the United States to the College of Education for guidance and assistance.� NCATE has also asked MSU-Northern to at least consider the possibility of "posting" its conceptual framework on the NCATE web page.


�         ATC Building � Alex recently went to Washington DC to meet with our congressional delegation regarding the proposed Applied Technology Building on the MSU Northern campus.� He has also met with General Electric and other major corporations about raising funds for the building and we are optimistic about their willingness to help.


�         Toyota T-Ten trip � Alex and a member of the automotive faculty attended a Toyota T-Ten conference in Torrence, California.� Toyota and Northern have a long relationship together and are continuing to work hard to build a stronger link between education and industry in the automotive field.


�         New Appointments at MSU-Northern


�         Chuck Jensen � Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration/Student Affairs.�

�         Rob Harrison - Director of Facilities Services.

�        Cynthia Harrison � Director of Library