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TO: Board of Regents

FROM: Richard A. Crofts, Commissioner

SUBJECT:   Fiscal Year 2000 Enrollment and Tuition Revenue Projections

DATE:   November 3, 1999

I have attached several reports, which show our projections of FTE enrollment and tuition revenue for the current year. You have no doubt read press reports of the enrollment and financial problems that some of our institutions are facing. The enclosed reports should provide you a reference point for understanding the financial situation at each of our campuses and for the system as a whole.

Before examining the detail of these reports, some general observations are in order:

The first report is entitled "Fiscal Year 2000 Enrollment and Revenue Projections". The first page summarizes FTE enrollment and tuition revenues for the system and the following pages summarize FTE enrollment and tuition revenues by campus.

The columns under "Tuition Revenue" identify:

The second report is entitled "Student FTE – Resident/Non Resident, Graduate & Undergraduate Categories". This report provides you with more enrollment detail than the first. In addition to the columns described in the first report, this document shows FY1998 actual FTE enrollment. Instead of summarizing total resident, total nonresident and WUE students by campus, this report presents the detail of college of technology, undergraduate, and graduate students.

I should caution you that what we are presenting for FY2000 are estimates. We are estimating Spring Term enrollments and tuition revenues based on history. Our actual numbers could be quite a lot better (or worse.) The reality, however, is that our campuses must make plans for Fiscal Year 2000 based on projections. I hope these reports provide you with sufficient information to have discussions with the Presidents, Chancellors, and Deans about their plans to align Fiscal Year 2000 expenditures with projected revenues.

University of Montana

Montana State University

Montana University System

All Montana Higher Education FTE