M E M O R A N D U M November 1, 1999


Richard Crofts, Commissioner of Higher Education

Board of Regents of Higher Education


Michael Malone, President, MSU

Jared Harris, President, ASMSU


Process for Providing Student Input on New and/or Increased Fees

In response to a request from the Commissioner and the Board of Regents, administration and ASMSU at MSU-Bozeman met to develop a more regularized process for proposing, and receiving campus commentary on, new student fees or increases in fees that are currently in place. The primary objective of this process was to give members of the Board of Regents assurance that students had been given the opportunity to express their opinion on any fee that would directly effect them. Of special interest in this request were the individual course fees that have sometimes appeared on the Board agenda without the benefit of informed student comment.

In this process, it is assumed and accepted that ASMSU and its officers will be the representatives of student opinion on these matters to the campus administration and to the Board. Certainly, there will be persons who may provide written or verbal opinion on any given issue. We expect, though, that ASMSU will have gathered input from appropriate students and/or student groups prior to providing its opinion on a given proposal.

Beginning with proposals to add new fees or increase existing fees beyond levels currently authorized for FY2001, the following schedule will be followed:

* This schedule assumes that fees would be presented to the Board on the submission agenda in March and on the action agenda in May. It would be adjusted if the Board alters its fee approval schedule.