ITEM 104-1000-R0999 -- Staff; The University of Montana - Missoula September 23-24, 1999



Name / 1999-00 Salary



George M. Dennison PhD President/ Professor, History

C 120,405 FY 127,509 FY

Vice Presidents & Deans:

Sharon Alexander EdD Dean, Continuing Education and Summer Programs and University Dean of Extension and Continuing Education

N-T 76,126 FY 78,0301

Betsy Bach PhD Assistant Provost, Retention and Enrollment/Professor, Communication Studies

C 70,584 (inc 3000/stipend) FY 73,085 (inc 3000/stipend)

Terry Berkhouse PhD Director, Center for Work Based Learning

N-T 48,374 FY 40,813 (inc 8,750/stipend)

Perry J. Brown PhD Dean, School of Forestry/Professor, Forestry

C 93,968 FY 97,445

Claire Carlson MS Associate Vice President for Research and Development

N-T 68,000 FY 71,500

T. Lloyd Chesnut PhD Vice President for Research, Development and Graduate Studies

C 110,057 FY 123,542

Donald P. Christian PhD Associate Dean, Division of Biological Sciences/ Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

C 86,716 FY 89,3182

V. Scott Cole MS Vice President for Administration and Finance and University Vice President

N-T 103,000 FY 105,000

Charles Couture EdD Associate Dean of Students Student Affairs

N-T 61,508 FY 62,838

Edwin E. Eck LLM Dean, School of Law/ Professor, Law

C 109,887 FY 113,513

Esther L. England BA Associate Dean, Fine Arts/Professor, Music

C 54,406 (inc 5,000/stipend) AY 55,888 (inc 5,000/stipend)

Gerald A. Fetz Dean, Davidson Honors College/Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures

C 76,534 FY 80,000

James A. Flightner PhD Dean, College of Arts & Sciences/ Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures

C 95,925 FY 98,995

David S. Forbes PhD Dean, School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences/ Professor, Pharmacy

C 99,981 FY 103,180

Larry Gianchetta PhD Dean, School of Business/Professor, Management

C 101,258 FY 105,005

Melissa Harrison JD Associate Dean, School of Law

C 77,978 AY 89,816 (inc 8,750/stipend)

Karen A. Hatcher MS Dean, Library Services and University Dean of Libraries

C 77,599 FY 80,082

Barbara B. Hollmann PhD Vice President for Student Affairs and University Vice President for Student Affairs

N-T 91,486 FY 93,516

Robert W. Hollmann PhD Associate Dean, School of Business Administration/Professor, Management

C 73,529 (inc 5,000/stipend) AY 75,585 (inc 5,000/stipend)

Robert Kindrick PhD Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Provost

C 110,468 FY 115,700

Dennis Lerum EdD Dean, College of Technology- Missoula

N-T 75,589 FY 78,159

Lori J. Morin MBA Assistant Dean for Student Services, School of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences/Professor, Pharmacy

C 72,678 (inc 5,000/stipend) FY 74,709

Donald Potts PhD Associate Dean, School of Forestry/Professor, Forestry

C 62,168 (inc 5,000/stipend) AY 64,226 (inc 5,000/stipend)

Donald L. Robson PhD Dean, School of Education/Professor, Educational Leadership and Guidance & Counseling

C 85,337 FY 88,324

James M. Scott Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences/ Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literatures

P 60,949 FY (inc 5,200/stipend) 62,621 (inc 5,200/stipend)

David A. Strobel PhD Dean, Graduate School

C 73,278 FY 75,476

Sharon Dinkle Uhlig Associate Dean, School of Education/Professor, Health and Human Performance

C 56,449 (inc 3,825/stipend) AY 58,027 (inc 3,825/stipend)

Academic Executives, Administrators & Professionals:

Ira R. Byock MD Director, National Program Office for End of Life Care, Practical Ethics Center/Professor, Philosophy (Research/Adjunct)

N-T 158,981 (.50 FTE) FY 163,7502 (.50 FTE)

Kimberlee B. Hendryx PharmD Continuing Education Coordinator/Instructor, Pharmacy

N-T 58,882 (.45 FTE) FY 60,0602 (.45 FTE)

Charles E. Keegan MS Associate Director of Forest Research/ Professor, Management (Research/Adjunct)

N-T 58,123 FY 59,8671

Daniel Kemmis JD Director, Center for Rocky Mountain West/Professor, Environmental Studies (Adjunct)

N-T 78,633 FY 80,3632

Mark W. Lusk PhD Director, International Programs/Assistant Vice President for Research & Development/ Professor, Social Work

C 82,670 FY 85,150

Margaret Mudd MA Assistant to the Dean/Director of Permanent Collection/Instructor, School of Fine Arts (Adjunct)

N-T 30,000 AY 30,900

Dennis T. Murphy MS Athletic Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics/Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance (Adjunct)

N-T 39,379 FY 40,560

Clyde W. Neu PhD Director, Off-Campus MBA Programs/ Professor, Management

P 80,189 FY 82,595

Jack H. Nunberg PhD Director, Center of Excellence in Biotechnology/Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

C 82,284 FY 84,7522

Robert D. Pfister PhD Associate Director, Montana Forestry Conservation Experiment Station/Forestry and Mission-Oriented Research Program/ Professor, Forestry (Research)

N-T 64,265 (inc 9,820 INGY) FY 65,3532 (inc 9,820 INGY)

Paul E. Polzin PhD Director, Bureau of Business & Economic Research/ Professor, Management

C 78,865 FY 81,231

Gary R. Ratcliff PhD Director, University Center/Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Counseling (Adjunct)

N-T 55,695 FY 57,2092

John F. Schwaller PhD Associate Provost for Academic Affairs/Professor, History

C 81,352 FY 84,362

Stephen F. Seninger PhD Associate Director, Bureau of Business & Economic Research/Associate Professor, Management

C 64,239 FY 66,166

Conrad Snyder PhD Director, Center for the Study of Complexity and Change in Education and Social Development/Research Professor, School of Education

N-T 105,946 FY 105,9462

Jack A. Stanford PhD Bierman Professor of Ecology/Director, Biological Station/Professor, Division of Biological Sciences (Research)

C 103,766 (inc 17,280/endow) AY 106,360 (inc 17,280/endow)

Larry D. Swanson PhD Associate Director, Center for the Rocky Mountain West

N-T 73,997 FY 76,2171

R. Timm Vogelsberg PhD Executive Director, MUARID/ Professor, Educational Leadership & Counseling (Adjunct)

N-T 85,528 FY 88,093

Phillip West PhD, MEd Director, Mansfield Center/Mansfield Professor of Modern Asian Affairs, History

C 91,220 (inc 5,180 stipend) FY 93,8012 (inc 5,180 stipend)

John Weyhrich DVM Director, Lab Animal Resources/Assistant Professor, Health Sciences (Adjunct)

N-T 67,500 FY 69,025

John (Pat) Williams BS Senior Fellow, Center for the Rocky Mountain West

N-T 78,633 FY 80,992

Non-Academic Executive, Administrators & Professionals:

David Aronofsky JD, PhD Legal Counsel, President's Office

N-T 71,957 FY 74,600

Gerry T. Baertsch MA Director, Departments of Conferences and Institutes, Continuing Education and Summer Programs

N-T 48,110 FY 49,5532

George Bailey MEd Assistant to the Vice President for Federal Initiatives, Research Administration

N-T 100,000 FY 102,5002

Philip T. Bain PhD Registrar

N-T 58,618 FY 60,494

Nancy J. Borgmann BA Director, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

N-T 49,550 FY 51,100

Joseph T. Broesder MS Assistant Director, Bandy Ranch, Forestry

N-T 29,577 FY 30,669

Ronald W. Brunell BA Director, Residence Life

N-T 59,828 FY 61,2512

Kathleen A. Burgmeier BA Director, Internal Audit

N-T 48,030 FY 51,000

Kenneth Burrington MBA Network Administrator, Hardware Specialist, School of Business Administration

N-T 34,000 FY 35,020

Raymond S. Carlisle BA N-T Director, Special Services, Educational Opportunity Program

54,405 FY 56,0372

Shannon M. Cate-Schweyen BA N-T Assistant Women= s Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

32,053 FY 33,005

John P. Cleaveland MA Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Research for Information Technology

N-T 96,237 FY 96,237

Shawn F. Clouse MBA Director of Information Technology/SOBA, Business

N-T 45,362 FY 46,723

William F. Cockhill BA Assistant Football Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 27,511 FY 30,0412

Robert Cole BSS Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 50,000 FY 51,2502

Dan W. Corti MS Director, Environmental Health

N-T 48,555 FY 50,474

Kathy L. Crego Director, Human Resource Services

N-T 54,691 FY 60,436

Michael Dennehey MEd Head Football Coach/ Offensive Line Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 80,131 FY 82,5352

Timothy Donahue MBA Assistant Director, Business Services

N-T 55,000 FY 55,550

Patricia A. Duce BA Assistant Women�s Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 26,879 FY 27,6862

Elizabeth R. Duerksen MSW Head Women's Soccer Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 37,992 FY 39,1322

Heidi Fanslow JD Director, Admissions, School of Law

N-T 32,000 FY 32,960

Jane D. Fisher BS Director, Center at Salmon Lake

N-T 49,572 FY 51,0592

Nancy Fitch MD Director, Student Health Services

N-T 94,947 FY 97,5232

Carl M. Franks BA Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 26,589 (.64 FTE) AY 27,3872 (.64 FTE)

Robert F. Frazier BS Executive Assistant to the President and University Executive Vice President

N-T 62,478 FY 65,400

Judy Fredenberg Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Research & Development, Research & Development

N-T 37,000 FY 38,295

Colleen S. Frohlich Assistant Volleyball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 26,430 FY 27,223

Keith Glaes BA Director, Campus Recreation

N-T 51,083 FY 52,4602

Henry L. Goetz MS Field Station Director, Forestry

N-T 51,320 FY 52,8592

Amy L. Gruel BA Drug Information Specialist, Pharmacy Practice

N-T 50,000 (.75 FTE) FY 50,750 (.75 FTE)

David B. Guffey BA Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 42,296 FY 43,5652

Stephen H. Hackney MS Equipment/Athletic Treatment Center Specialist, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 36,766 FY 37,8692

Brian Hanford Assistant Tennis Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 21,148 (.55 FTE) AY 21,782 (.55 FTE)

Myron L. Hanson MS Director, Financial Aid

N-T 60,072 FY 61,273

Stacy Harris Ticket Manager, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 35,000 FY 36,0502

Stephen S. Henry MA Director, Computing & Information Services

N-T 65,610 FY 67,0532

Michael Heuring MS Director, Career Services

N-T 51,000 FY 52,520

Suzanne (Melanie) Hoell MA Director, University College

N-T 45,086 FY 45,988

Wayne Hogan BA Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 93,785 FY 96,100

Don O. Holst BA Head Men�s Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 74,000 FY 76,2202

Shelley Hopkins JD Director of External Affairs, Law School

N-T 70,000 (.50 FTE) FY 72,100 (.50 FTE)

Kendall D. Hubbard BA Director of Research and Sponsored Programs

N-T 74,306 FY 75,559 (.87 FTE)

Gary V. Hughes BS Assistant Athletic Director, Internal Affairs, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 55,108 FY 56,7612

Hugh A. Jesse MS Director, Facilities Services

N-T 69,269 FY 69,962

William S. Johnston BA Director, Alumni Relations

N-T 53,041 FY 56,500

Edward J. Keller BA Electronic Equipment Manager, Chemistry

N-T 42,020 FY 43,2802

Rosemary M. Keller BS, CPA Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

N-T 75,431 FY 76,939

Albert Kempfert BA Assistant to the Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 52,694 FY 54,2752

Eftychia Koehn MA Director, Foreign Student & Scholar Services

N-T 41,435 FY 43,069

Kevin A. Krebsbach BA Associate Director, Facilities Services

N-T 55,180 (inc 5,757stipend) FY 55,6741 (inc 5,757 stipend)

Mark S. LoParco BS Director, Dining Services

N-T 56,551 FY 57,8822

Chris Mackala Assistant Track & Field Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 24,320 FY 25,0502

Charles F. Maes BA Assistant Athletic Director for Business Affairs, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 42,296 FY 43,565

Brenda T. Mahlum BS Director, Physical Training Clinic

N-T 43,246 (.65 FTE) AY 44,5432 (.65 FTE)

Patricia M. Mangan BS Assistant Director, Physical Therapy

N-T 38,343 (.82 FTE) AY 39,4932 (.70 FTE)

William W. Marcus BA Director, Telecommunications Center

N-T 61,783 FY 63,639

James P. Marks BA Director, Disability Services for Students

N-T 41,562 FY 44,100

Honey L. Marsh MA Assistant Soccer Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 19,033 FY 19,6042

Jennifer Mason MS Assistant Athletic Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 25,000 (.90 FTE) FY 25,7501 (.90 FTE)

Frank L. Matule DMin Director, Admissions & New Student Services

N-T 59,632 FY 60,825

Susan Matule BA Director, Printing Services

N-T 48,569 FY 50,025

Francis J. Maus BS Forest Manager, Forestry

N-T 38,440 FY 39,592

Patricia Metz MA Assistant to the President

N-T 43,033 FY 44,300

Brigitta Miranda-Freer BA Membership Services Manager, Montana World Trade Center, Business

N-T 34,658 FY 35,6982

Mary A. Morrison MA Deaf/Hearing Specialist, Disability Services

N-T 35,008 FY 36,508

Alan L. Mulkey AIA Field Project Manager, Facilities Services

N-T 44,768 FY 45,2152

Rita Munzenrider BA Assistant Director for News, University Communications

N-T 43,585 FY 45,000

Honore L. Neudeck BS Pharmacy Manager, Student Health Service

N-T 55,113 (.80 FTE) FY 57,5382

Kris Nord BS Head Men= s & Women= s Tennis Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 37,508 FY 38,633

James M. O= Day BA Assistant Director, Grizzly Athletic Association

N-T 31,722 FY 32,6742

Derrick A. Odum BS Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 27,013 FY 27,8232

James P. Olomon BS Director, Institutional Research

N-T 52,354 FY 53,600

Erik Oman BA Assistant Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 17,563 (.75 FTE) FY 18,0902 (.75 FTE)

Gordon L. Opel MS Director, Wellness Program

N-T 50,825 (inc 8,000/stipend) FY 51,253 (inc 8,000 stipend)

Kraig A. Paulson BA Assistant Football Coach/Defensive Coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 49,519 FY 51,2552

Vicki L. Pengelly BA Information Systems Support Specialist, Information Technology

N-T 47,741 FY 49,1732

Marie (Hibbard) Porter MA Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 60,227 FY 62,034

David E. Purviance BA Director, University Communications

N-T 53,343 FY 54,900

Larry B. Rabold Director, Purchasing

N-T 38,785 FY 39,173

Thomas A. Raunig PhD Head Track & Field Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 39,263 FY 40,441

Kandy Raup MBA Director, Center for Workforce Learning, Continuing Education

N-T 50,000 FY 51,5002

David Reeves BA Assistant Head Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 37,031 FY 38,1422

Annette Rocheleau BA Assistant Women's Basketball Coach/Assistant Golf Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 37,667 FY 38,7972

Philip J. Ryan BS Assistant Football Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 30,211 FY 30,815

James Sampson BA Assistant Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 37,629 FY 38,7582

Peggy J. Schalk BS Director, Budget

N-T 52,267 FY 55,000

Todd M. Schmautz MA Assistant Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 30,000 FY 30,9002

William Schwanke BA Assistant Athletic Director/Development, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 53,218 FY 54,8152

Brian Schweyen BA Assistant Track Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 23,000 FY 23,690

Richard J. Scott MS Women's Volleyball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 47,068 FY 48,4802

Robert A. Seccomb MS Computer Systems Manager, Division of Biological Sciences

N-T 32,999 FY 33,989

Robin Selvig BS Head Women's Basketball Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 74,307 FY 76,5362

Debbie Sharkey BS Cheerleading Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 19,048 (.24 FTE) FY 19,6192 (.24 FTE)

Arnold Sherman MS Executive Director, World Trade Center, Business

N-T 79,490 FY 81,874

Laela Shimer RN Assistant Director, Student Health Services

N-T 48,040 FY 49,501

Jon Stannard M. BA Director, Upward Bound

N-T 52,893 FY 54,4802

Joanne M. Steele BA Head Women> s Golf Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 29,936 (.90 FTE) FY 30,8342 (.90 FTE)

Robert H. Stoddard BS Director, Electronic Maintenance Center

N-T 52,196 FY 53,7612

Kenneth B. Stolz BA Director, Special Projects, Research Administration

N-T 56,167 FY 57,852

James Taylor PhD Director, Business Services

N-T 70,245 FY 70,946

Richard K. Thompson Computer Resources Manager, Mathematics

N-T 40,000 FY 41,200

Charles O. Thorne BS Assistant to Vice President for Student Affairs

N-T 42,337 FY 46,6992

J. Kevin Verlanic BS General Manager, University Golf Course and Athletic/Recreational Turf Specialist

N-T 47,017 FY 48,1572

Bruce Wallwork MS Assistant Coach, Track & Field/Weight Room Supervisor, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 20,767 AY 20,7672

Susan Wallwork BS Research and Assessment Officer, Office of Institutional Research

N-T 37,000 FY 37,740

John C. Weida MS Assistant Athletic Trainer, Intercollegiate Athletics

N-T 25,000 FY 25,7502

Sylvia Weisenburger Liaison, MT PRRIME

N-T 72,578 FY 74,150

Kenneth A. Welt PhD Assistant Director, Student Health Service

N-T 47,554 FY 49,0052

Kenneth A. Willett BA Director, Campus Safety

N-T 44,730 FY 47,8001