September 23-24, 1999

ITEM 104-1007-R0999 Campus Recreation Fee Increase; The University of Montana-Missoula

THAT: The Board of Regents of the Montana University System approves a mandatory Campus Recreation Fee increase for The University of Montana-Missoula. The fee increase will be an additional $65.00 over the existing Campus Recreation Fee (currently $16.00 per semester). The $65.00 fee increase will take effect when the new facility is operational, estimated to be Fall Semester 2001.

Implementation of the fee is contingent upon approval by the Board of Regents for issuance of Series F 1999 Facilities Restructuring and Improvement Bonds.

EXPLANATION: A recent national consulting report found that recreation facilities on the Missoula campus are woefully inadequate in quantity and quality. Major additions and renovations were recommended requiring an increase in student fee support of Campus Recreation.

The Campus Recreation Fee proposal was put to a student vote, Spring Semester 1999. The proposal was to increase the existing Campus Recreation Fee by $65.00 to build and renovate current Campus Recreation facilities. The student vote was held April 14-15, 1999, and was approved by 54 percent of the students voting in the largest voter turnout in nearly 20 years. The fee will be assessed to every student enrolled for 7 credits or more fall, spring, and summer semesters at The University of Montana-Missoula. (The Campus Recreation Fee is optional to College of Technology students.)