September 23-24, 1999

ITEM 104-107-R0999 Authorization to Amend Existing Contracts with SCT Banner to Include the Development of a MUS Data Warehouse

THAT: The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes the Commissioner of Higher Education to amend existing contracts with SCT Banner to develop a MUS data warehouse as defined in Phases 1 & 2 as described below:

Phase 1

Data warehouses built at Montana State University and The University of Montana to include student information.

Phase 2

Data warehouse built at the MUS (Commissioner�s Office).

Phase 3 (Pending approval at a later date)

MUS data warehouse expanded to include Financial, Human Resources, and Financial Aid information.

SCT will provide project management services along with functional and technical consulting. Phase 1 will include development of a data warehouse, data inquiry, and reporting tool at both the Bozeman and Missoula campuses. The primary purpose of these warehouses will be the consolidation of the vast amount of detail information currently housed in the various Banner2000 databases at the individual campuses. The information will be converted into Oracle tables and views that can be used for operational reporting. Phase 2 will include a computer, a data warehouse and data inquiry and reporting tools at the OCHE. This warehouse will provide a decision support system with summary data from the MSU and UM warehouses. The intended primary users are OCHE staff, the Board of Regents, the executive, and the legislature. The contract will include an option to include Phase 3 at the rates shown in the attached cost analysis. However, Phase 3 will not be initiated until authorized by the Board of Regents at a later date. Phase 3 of the project will expand the warehouse to include Financial, Human Resources and Financial Aid information.

EXPLANATION: The Montana University System has long suffered from a lack of consistent normalized data for decision support at the OCHE, Board of Regents, and Legislative process. The current conversion to the Banner2000 operating system does not address this issue. Only through a data warehouse can information be collected and stored which provides a multi year, multi campus record of student, financial, human resource, and financial aid information. The attached spreadsheet provides both the initial cost and on-going costs of developing and operating the data warehouse over a five- year period. Also included are possible funding sources over the same five-year period.