July 22, 1999

ITEM 104-109-R0799 Approval of Tentative Agreement with Montana District Council of Laborers

THAT: The Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education approves the tentative agreement with Montana District Council of Laborers

EXPLANATION: See attached memo to Board of Regents from Sue Hill, Director, Labor Relations and Personnel.


a. July 16, 1999 memo to Board from Sue Hill

b. Tentative Settlement Agreement

ITEM 104-109-R0799


TO: Board of Regents

FROM: Sue Hill

DATE: July 16, 1999

RE: Approval of Tentative Settlement Agreement with Montana District Council of Laborers

Attached is a copy of the tentative settlement agreement with the Montana District Council of Laborers (Laborers). The Laborers represent approximately 130 employees who perform custodial and groundskeeping duties at The University of Montana-Missoula, Montana State University-Bozeman, and Montana State University-Billings. The bargaining unit has already ratified the tentative settlement agreement and it is now ready for Regent approval.

The salary, insurance and longevity increases were identical to those negotiated with MPEA. A few minor language changes were also included in the tentative agreement. Under the tentative agreement, employees at the University of Montana-Missoula who are required to work twelve or more consecutive hours will be reimbursed for a meal at the statutory rate. The tentative agreement also clarified the use of bargaining pool leave in overtime situations. In the future, employees will not be obligated to pay union initiation fees until after completion of their probationary period. The right to appoint a specific number of union stewards within the Facilities Service Department at MSU-Bozeman was clarified

xc: President Dennis

President Malone

Chancellor Sexton.

Tentative Settlement Agreement


May 7, 1999

The following is a package to settle all items for the 1999-2001 agreement between the parties above. This tentative settlement agreement has a do pass recommendation from both parties. This tentative settlement is subject to a ratification vote by each party’s membership or controlling board.

A. Entry, Market (Midpoint) and Maximum Rates (Pay Structure), Union Item 31

Effective the first day of the pay periods that include October 1 in Fiscal 2000 and Fiscal 2001, increase the entry and midpoint rates by the following amounts, and adjust maximum rates according to the current statutes:






























B. Salary Adjustments, Union Item 31

Effective the first day of the pay period that includes October 1, 1999 increase the employee's base salary by 3 percent plus 20 cents per hour and effective the first day of the pay period that includes October 1, 2000 increase the employee’s base salary by 3 percent plus 25 cents per hour.

C. Insurance Contributions, Union Item 10

Increase the state's insurance contribution by $15 per month beginning the first pay day in July, 1999, and by $10 per month beginning the first pay day in July, 2000.

D. Revision of Longevity Allowance, Union Item 27, Article XIII D

Revise the statutory longevity allowance (2-18-304 (1), MCA) by increasing the 1.5% longevity increment to 2% for the third (15-year) and fourth (20-year) increments.

E. Article XIV

Contract ending June 30, 2001.

F. Union Item 39, Omit Bonus plan--- Agreement.

Union Item 11 Bargaining unit leave--- "BARGAINING POOL LEAVE. Unless work assignments require otherwise, the employer shall grant reasonable leaves of absence with pay to employees who serve on the union’s negotiating team to attend negotiations when such time is compensated from the bargaining pool. The bargaining pool shall be established by each employee having the right to donate up to eight (8) hours annually of his/her annual leave time to a reserve fund for the purpose of allowing certain employees time off with pay for attending negotiations. Should bargaining pool leave require the employer to pay time and a half wage rate, the bargaining pool shall be charged time and a half."

Union Item 32 change to read "…consecutive hours excluding meals periods and who work at least three (3) hours within the hours of 6:00 pm and 4:00 am, will be…" page 33 of CBA.

Union Item 16 & 17 – will adjust Article IV, page 2, last paragraph to require the payment of dues after 30 days for all employees and initiation fee after probationary period is completed.

Union Item 12 - Add Addendum G

The following provisions are only applicable to employees covered by this agreement at Montana State University-Bozeman.

A. Within the Facilities Services department the union may appoint up to three stewards, including no more than one steward on the graveyard shift, and no more than two stewards on the swing shift.

G. All other parts, current contract

H. Items outside the contract

Union item 8 – MPEA style meeting, education and/or review of classification system. MPEA suggested an employee from each campus for their needs. How many members for Laborers, Teamsters, Nurses, and other groups covered by the State Classification and Pay Plan? Management appoint equal numbers.

Union item 33 – UM will put out directive to Article XIII, Section F2. Maximums established in first sentence will be adhered to uniformly.

I. End of tentative agreement.