ITEM 104-1600-R0999--Staff; Western Montana College of The University of Montana September 23-24, 1999


Name/Degree / Replaces / Tenure / Effective / FTE / SalaryAY/FY




Paul D. Brasil, A.B.D. History (Boleslaw Janus 37,063)

N-T 8-1-99 1.0 25,548 AY

Kathleen C. LeRoy, MBA Business

N-T 8-1-99 1.0 28,921 AY

Dennis D. Kimzey, M.Ed. Education (Ana Pardo 28,383)

N-T 8-1-99 1.0 29,548 AY

Sonya Veck, M.A. English

N-T 8-1-99 1.0 28,748 AY

Associate Professor

Charles H. LeRoy, Ph.D. Health and Physical Ed (Leslie Hickcox 36,148)

P 8-1-99 1.0 39,000 AY


Amarjit S. Sethi, Ph.D. Business (Brenda Houchen 40,133)

P 8-1-99 1.0 47,021 AY


Name/Degree / Tenure / Effective



Mark Riney, Ph.D. Education P 8-1-99


Without Pay

Randall P. Horst, MFA Art

P 8-1-99 TO 5-31-00



(Fiscal-year appointments unless otherwise specified)

Name, Degree, Position / Tenure / 1998-99 Salary / 1999-00 Salary (Effective 10-1-99)


Stephen T. Hulbert, D.Ed., Chancellor/Professor, Education/University Executive Vice President

N-T 99,000 FY


Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

Karl E. Ulrich, Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs/ Dean of Arts and Sciences/ Professor,/Biological Sciences/ University Associate Provost/ University Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

C 69,690 FY 72,190 FY

Associate Dean of Faculty

Walter P. Oldendorf, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Faculty/ Dean of Education/ Professor, Education

C 60,806 FY 62,078 FY

Academic Executives, Administrators, & Professionals

Elaine C. Kendall, B.S. Manager, Swimming Pool/ Instructor, HPE

N-T 26,189 FY 27,189 FY

Anneliese A. Ripley, M.S. Director, Outreach Division/Summer School/ Director of Research and Grants/ University Associate Dean

N-T 48,500 (.5 FTE) (.25 FTE) FY 49,970 (.75 FTE) (.25 FTE) FY

Nikki S. Sandve, M.A. Director, Birch Creek Outdoor Education Center

N-T 24,000 AY 25,000 AY

Michael Schulz, M.L.S. Librarian/ Associate Professor, Library Science/ University Associate Dean

N-T 50,738 FY 51,738 FY1

George Suttle, M.A. Assistant Librarian/ Associate Professor, Library Science

P 35,552 FY 36,552 FY


Mark S. Durham, M.Ed. Men's Head Basketball Coach/ Instructor, HPE

N-T 32,876 AY 33,999 AY

Iola V. Else, M.S. Rodeo Coach/ Instructor, Education

N-T 15,352 AY2 16, 009 AY2

Kevin Engellant, M.Ed. Women�s Head Basketball Coach

N-T 32,876 AY 33,999 AY

Duane J. Rilla, M.A. Head Football Coach/ Instructor, HPE

N-T 40,000 FY 40,000 FY

Jenny J. Peterson, B.S. Wellness Director/ Head Women's Volleyball Coach/ Instructor, HPE

N-T 33,330 AY 34,413 AY

Andrew Sage, B.A. Assistant Football Coach

N-T 17,100 AY 17,100 AY

Non-Academic Executives, Administrators, & Professionals

Joseph K. Barnhart, Ph.D. Tech Coordinator, Infor & Telecommunication Services/ Professor, Technology Ed/Computer Science

N-T 51,000 FY 51,000 FY

Susan D. Briggs, B.A. Director, Fiscal Affairs/ University Associate Vice President

N-T 59,000 FY 61,500 FY

Robert G. Cashell, M.A. Associate Director, College Relations/ Development Officer, Booster Club/ Athletic Director/ Instructor, HPE/ Coordinator of HPE Programs

N-T 36,461 FY 43,000 FY

Lois G. Cearley, B.S. Controller/ Assistant Director, Fiscal Affairs/ Equal Opportunity Officer

N-T 46,561 FY 47,890 FY

James Efta, B.S. Director, Information & Telecommunication Services/University Associate Director

N-T 56,560 FY 57,630 FY

Wally Feldt, B.S. Director, Publications and Media Relations/Sports Information

N-T 30,850 FY 31,805 FY

Duane Holschbach, A.S. Director, Food Service

N-T 39,491 FY 40,513 FY

Jason J. Karch, B.S. Registrar/Director, Institutional Research

N-T 47,824 FY 48,824 FY

Kay P. Leum, M.S. Director, Admissions and New Student Services

N-T 34,744 FY 36,045 FY

James M. Macpherson, B.S. Director, Physical Plant

N-T 47,117 FY 48,814 FY

Timothy F. Mahoney, M.A.T. Director of Student Teaching, Field Experiences, and Career Services/Instructor of Education

N-T New 40,000 FY

Eric W. Murray, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Students/Assistant Professor, Psychology/Learning Center Director

N-T 33,330 FY 34,895 FY

Donna J. Rouse, B.S. Executive Assistant to Chancellor

N-T 30,300 FY 31,371 FY

Lynn M. Weltzien, M.S. Counselor

N-T 31,765 (.75 FTE) AY 32,765 (.75 FTE) AY

Arlene S. Williams, M.A. Director, Financial Aid

N-T 36,411 FY 37,411 FY

Thomas R. Yahraes, M.S. Director, College Relations

N-T 62,115 FY 64,047 FY


1Includes a $1500 stipend for responsibilities as Director of Rural Technology Planning.

2Coaching Stipend.