ITEM 104-1900-R0999�Staff; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana Sept. 23-24,1999


Name, Department / Replaces / Tenure / Effective / FTE / Salary AY/FY

Korting, Deena A., Temporary Business Instructor New N-T 8/30/99 1.00 28,550 AY


Capdeville, Alex PhD, Dean, Helena College of Technology N-T 77,476 FY 79,722


(Increase depends upon outcome of collective bargaining)

Name, Department / Tenure / Current AY Salary

Albrecht, Barbara J., Business C 43,165

Arrington, Elaine B., Business P 32,710

Brockbank, Kevin C., Business P 26,625

Cameron, Audrey M., General Education P 32,660

Cloud, Theresa B., Business C 37,551

Coon, Emmett B., Electronics Technology P 29,100

Glass, Michael R., Electronics Technology C 30,690

Golladay, Tim J., Protective Services P 30,150 (incl 1,600 chair)

Graham, Kirsten R., Business C 38,255

Harpster, David S., Aviation Maintenance Technology P 28,825

Jones, David S. , Automotive Technology C 28,550

Kelly, Harold D., Construction Technology P 28,550

LaRoe, Phillip R., General Education P 32,985

Marsenich, Edward, Automotive Technology P 31,575

Marshall, David C., Business C 37,138

Maybee, Daryl L., Aviation Maintenance Technology P 26,900

Moe, Mary Sheehy, General Education C 40,130 (incl 1,600/chair)

Olsen, Pamela A., General Education C 28,550

Plaggemeyer, Ted G., Business C 43,440

Rinehart, Ralph M., Truck-Diesel Technology C 38,797 (incl 1,600/chair)

Robertson, Scott C., Ag-Diesel Technology C 32,810

Schlauch, Steven A., Truck-Diesel Technology C 42,615

Schneider, Joan C., Business P 32,985

Shchuchinov, Viktor M., General Education P 33,485

Sutton, Cleo D. Construction Technology P 34,860 (incl 1,600 chair)

Townsend, Gwyn L. Business P 31,985

Warner, Arthur, Machine Tool Technology C 31,515

Wenger, James J., Welding Technology C 31,191

Wingard, Catherine A., Business P 31,710

Wirtz, Ellen F., Practical Nursing P 34,310 (incl 1,600 chair)

Woon, William N., Business P 32,260

Yahvah, Barbara J. Business C 34,860 (incl 1,600 chair)

Yaw, Robert A., Electronics Technology C 32,260


Name, Department / Total Wages Paid (FY 99)

Anderberg, Carl V., General Education 720

Axline, Jon A., General Education 1,200

Baumler, Ellen B., General Education 1,200

Beattie, Karyl M., General Education 1,200

Brunner, Bret, Business 1,600

Carlson, Deborah J., Business 2,204

Conn, Karey O., Business 600

Curtiss, Phillip J., Business 2,800

Dotter, William A., Construction Technology 1,200

Ely, Kathleen C. , Business 800

Erickson, Cornelia F., General Education 1,200

Espenlaub, Tammie R., Practical Nursing 820

Gregg, Dean L., General Education 1,200

Grover, Mitzi F., General Education 800

Harris, Kimberly A., Business 3,200

Harvey, David W., Protective Services 2,235

Hay, Judy L., General Education 2,721

Holloway, Joy J., General Education 1,200

Horton, Peter W., Construction Technology 9,478

Hoversland, Janet, Business 1,200

Jay, Annella M., Practical Nursing 1,800

King, Joel P., Protective Services 1,200

Kohman, Paulette L., Business 800

Legg, Kevin E., Protective Services 800

Lonnes, Diane J., General Education 2,200

MacBride, William L., Business 2,380

Mangis, Patricia A., General Education 2,256

Marty, Claire L., Practical Nursing 640

Miller, John G., General Education 744

Paddock, Penny L., Business 2,360

Paske, Charles H., General Education 800

Paulson, Sue, General Education 1,200

Pescosolido, Candace M., Practical Nursing 4,280

Pilcher, Christi R., Business 560

Pliley, Joseph W., Business 5,200

Rausch, John P., General Education 1,200

Roberts, Brian K., Protective Services 4,618

Rogstad, Tracey L., Business 9,288

Satterfield, Gloria J., General Education 1,200

Simendinger, Keith W., Protective Services 1,904

Smith, William P., General Education 3,612

Stephenson, Douglas J., General Education 1,200

Suttorp, Lee M., Business 1,736

Swanby, Cindy L., Protective Services 2,960

Swanby, Roy A., Protective Services 4,200

Thomas, Terry J., General Education 1,632

Toland, Phoebe R., General Education 1,440

Trapp, Craig W. , Protective Services 320

Trombetta, Dolores J., Practical Nursing 192

Tuck, Kelly J., Protective Services 1,648

Wegner, William R., Protective Services 2,160

Wichman, Carl J., Welding Technology 2,320

Wiederhold, Michael W., Protective Services 721

Wilmoth, Stanley, General Education 2,400

Wolney, Marie E., Business 6,310

Wood, Keith G., Business 3,500