September 23-24, 1999

ITEM 104-2806-R0999 Administrative Reorganization; Montana State University-Northern

THAT: The Board of Regents approves the administrative reorganization of Montana State University-Northern and its establishment of four colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Technical Sciences.

EXPLANATION: In the 1998-99 academic year, Montana State University-Northern (MSUN) reduced its expenditures in response to a gradual reduction in its revenues. With an administrative organizational structure that included seven department chairs, each of which was a faculty member, the campus elected to reduce three of these positions and combined several departments into a total of four units, designating them as "colleges." These include the colleges of arts and sciences, education and graduate studies, nursing, and technical sciences. Chair positions, each assigned .50 FTE to 1.00 FTE administrative duty, were reduced to a total of four, each designated "chair/dean." This resulted in a reduction of 2.750 FTE in administrative assigned time and added to teaching FTE by the same amount. The "college" and "dean" nomenclature clarifies administrative responsibilities and is in keeping with designations for units and titles throughout the United States in institutions of higher education.

Pending removal of Chairs from the current collective bargaining agreement between the Montana University System and Montana State University-Northern Federation of Teachers, the title of Chair/Interim Dean will be used for the four college administrators. The title of dean accurately reflects the level of responsibility required of those serving in these roles.

An additional aspect of administrative reorganization included the reduction of two vice chancellor positions. The administrative organizational structure for MSUN included three vice chancellors. In its reorganization proposal, the new structure includes one senior vice chancellor/provost and an associate chancellor.

ATTACHMENT Organizational Proposal and Organizational Chart