November 18-19, 1999

ITEM 105-1002-R1199 Renaming of the Student Health Services Building; The University of Montana-Missoula 

THAT: Consistent with Board of Regents� Policy 1004.1, Naming of Buildings, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes The University of Montana-Missoula to name the Student Health Services Building the "Dr. Robert B. Curry Health Center."

EXPLANATION: Dr. Curry founded and developed The University of Montana Student Health Services 35 years ago into one of the best student health services in the country. Dr. Curry was an outspoken advocate for students� welfare and worked tirelessly on students� behalf. He developed one of the few student dental clinics in the country, as well as an in-patient facility for students too sick to stay in dormitories. The Student Health Services, under his direction, provided high quality medical, dental, and mental health care. His standards of excellence were and remain higher than most health services nationally. Prior to the time of Dr. Curry�s retirement in 1990, he was honored with the Pantzer Award in 1989 and the Ed Chinske Award in 1984. His personnel and UM Alumni Association files have many letters of thanks from faculty, administrators, students, community organizations, local hospitals and other individuals. A sample of his broader campus activities includes presentations on "Tobacco Road" (1987), sports medicine (1968 -1991), "Drug Use of UM Students" (1966), "LSD and Students" (1967), and "Alcoholism" (1967). Dr. Curry coordinated a campus jogging program for faculty, staff and community in 1968. In 1974, Dr. Curry initiated mass screening of the campus for cardiac risk factors. In 1976, he started widespread rubella screening and had measles vaccination clinics in 1985.

Dr. Curry�s competency and manner earned the respect and admiration of faculty, staff, and students of The University of Montana, as well as his peers in the Missoula community.