ITEM 105-103-R1199 - Revised Policy 940.29

940.29 Tuition; Post-Baccalaureate Students; Montana University System

Effective November 19, 1999;

Board Policy:

Residents of Montana who take additional courses after earning a baccalaureate degree will be charged 120% of the resident undergraduate rate at the four-year campuses. The exceptions to this policy will be granted for post-baccalaureate students who enroll for courses offered by the colleges of technology or post-baccalaureate students at Western Montana College of UM and Montana State University-Northern when it can be documented that a student is pursuing an associate degree. Nonresident students will pay the resident assessment plus a nonresident fee equivalent to the nonresident graduate incidental fee.


Item, 94-001-R0197--Tuition; Post-Baccalaureate Students; Montana University System (NEW), approved by the Board of Regents March 27, 1997, as revised on July 9, 1999.