November 18-19, 1999 

ITEM 105-2701-R1199 Authorization to Expend Student Equipment Fee Allocations; Montana State University-Billings

THAT: In compliance with Board of Regents Policy 940.26, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes the expenditure of Student Equipment Fee funds not to exceed $600,000 for the purpose of equipping the new two-story addition to the Special Education Building (Education Building) funded by the 1997 Legislature. The equipment to be purchased includes desks, tables, chairs, multimedia equipment, computer equipment, and other miscellaneous items to appropriately furnish the building.

EXPLANATION: The 1997 Legislature approved $7,004,000 in order to add two stories to an existing building on campus to house the College of Education. Montana State University-Billings strategically planned the accumulation of equipment fee funds to equip the addition knowing that there were not other funds available for this need.

The Board of Regents Policy established on June 21, 1991, requires approval of expenditures from the Student Equipment Fee over $25,000.

The proposal was approved by the MSU-Billings= Equipment Fee Committee which is comprised of 50% students.