January 20-21, 2000

ITEM 106-1003-R0100 Construct Traffic Roundabout, Madison and Arthur Streets; The University of Montana-Missoula

THAT: Consistent with the provisions of MCA 20-25-302, the Board of Regents of the Montana University System authorizes The University of Montana to implement steps necessary to participate in the construction of a two-lane roundabout at Madison and Arthur Streets. A Special Urban Pilot Project, with the City of Missoula, State Department of Transportation, and the University each participating, will fund this project, estimated to cost $1,234,744.

EXPLANATION: The University of Montana has worked with the City of Missoula, the State of Montana, and a local engineer in the development of a design concept of constructing two roundabouts on Arthur Street at the 5th and 6th Street intersections to reroute Highway 93 traffic directly north to the Madison Street Bridge. This traffic rerouting scheme will help to alleviate traffic congestion on and around the campus.

The University of Montana will provide the right-of-way for the project which would require the land currently occupied by 601 S. 6th East, 602 S. 6th East, 610 S. 6th East, 601 S. 5th East, and 702 Arthur to be razed and provided as bare ground. The appraised value of these properties is estimated to be approximately $620,000.

The University of Montana will participate in the programming and design of the project. The City of Missoula would manage the project and provide for or contract with all agencies, consultants, and contractors required to design and construct road modifications.

The construction of this routing is proposed to take place within the next three years.

ATTACHMENTS: Roundabouts, The University of Montana.