November 16-17, 2000

ITEM 109-104-R1100����������������� Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual:Governance and Organization, Section 203.2.2:Board of Regents; Meeting Notice, and Section 201.7: Bylaws, (Revised).

Board policy:

            1.  The secretary shall notify each member by mail of scheduled meetings approximately seven days in advance.

            2.  In an effort to provide effective notice of the Board of Regents' meetings, interested parties will be notified approximately seven days before regularly scheduled meetings in accordance with the following procedures.

            3.  In the event the Board finds it necessary to hold an emergency or special meeting, such notice as is practicable in the circumstances shall be given.  At a minimum, this shall include notification of the press.


            1.  The Commissioner of Higher Education will provide mail to presidents, chancellors and the press on or about 7 14 days prior to the Board meeting a notice stating the time, place and agenda of Board and committee meetings.  The notice shall specify that the public may attend the Board and committee meetings and comment on the issues or submit materials.

            2. As soon as practical thereafter presidents and chancellors will communicate this notice to students, faculty, and other university employees approximately seven days in advance of the Board meeting by a method of communication which is effective on the particular campus.

            3.The Commissioner will provide mail to a party, upon receipt of a written request, the same notice which is sent to presidents and chancellors. Additional information concerning a meeting may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.

Board Bylaws (Policy 201.7)

    ARTICLE V.  Meetings


            The board shall meet not less than quarterly.


            Other meetings may be called by the governor, the chair of the board, the secretary or on the request of four appointed members.


            The secretary shall notify each member by mail of scheduled meetings at least seven days in advance.