November 16-17, 2000


ITEM 109-1504-R1100������ Approval to Sign an Agreement with Butte-Silver Bow County Concerning Improvements, Maintenance, and Use of Alumni Coliseum on the Montana Tech Campus; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


THAT:����������������������������������� The Board of Regents authorizes Montana Tech of The University of Montana to enter into a long-term agreement enabling Butte-Silver Bow County (BSB) community use of the Alumni Coliseum for American Legion Baseball recreational use.BSB performs certain maintenance work at the playing field as a part of this arrangement.Approval of this Agreement between Montana Tech and BSB will also enable the County and Montana Tech to spend money from a $200,000 trust account under the authority of BSB for various improvements to Alumni Coliseum.


EXPLANATION:����������������� Essentially, the Agreement confirms the long-standing relationship between Montana Tech and Butte-Silver Bow with respect to the shared use of the Alumni Coliseum for mutually beneficial community purposes.This Agreement also establishes policies and procedures to be used by both parties to select, approve, and construct improvement projects from the $200,000 trust account created in 1999 as part of the resolution of issues associated with the Clark Tailings Superfund project.


����������������������������������������������� The Agreement was reviewed by Chief Legal Counsel for the Montana University System, Legal Counsel for The University of Montana, and by BSB attorneys.The Council of Commissioners for Butte-Silver Bow Government has already approved the Agreement and authorized Chief Executive Officer, Jack Lynch, to sign the Agreement.It is now being submitted for approval by the Regents in accord with Regents' policies governing long-term leases and agreements and authorization to spend funds for campus improvements.


ATTACHMENTS:��������������� Agreement and associated correspondence.