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 ITEM 110-1501-R0101  ATTACHMENT


December 13, 2000


Dr. James Trudnowski

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Carroll College

1601 North Benton Avenue

Helena MT 59625


Dear Jim:


It was good to visit with you yesterday.Thank you for taking the time to work with us on the Montana Tech proposal to bring a bachelor's degree program to Helena.Dan Bradley distributed to us their proposal yesterday, and with a copy of this letter, I will convey it to Rev. Steven Rowan, your interim president.Under the provisions of Board policy 220, please take the transmission of the proposal yesterday as the "official" starting point for review.


As I indicated, this item will be on the submission agenda for the Board of Regents meeting January 18-19, but it will not be acted upon until the March 22 meeting of the Board.If you wish to submit written comment to the Board in time for the January meeting, the submission deadline (to me) will be December 29, 2000.If you wish to submit written comment to the Board in time for the March meeting, the deadline will be February 23, 2001.


At our meeting, I also distributed a proposal from Montana State University-Northern to bring an MS in Learning Development to Helena for an identified cohort of students. If I could have your input about this separate proposal by January 8, I will determine whether this will go to the Board on its agenda or as a simple information item.


Thank you for your time in these reviews.If you have any questions, please contact me at







Joyce A. Scott

Deputy Commissioner

for Academic & Student Affairs


Cc:����� Rev. Steven Rowan

����������� Provost Lois Muir

����������� Vice Chancellor Dan Bradley

����������� Commissioner Richard Crofts