May 17-18, 2001


ITEM 111-1501-R0501������ Authorization to Proceed to Design and Construct an Expansion to the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building; Montana Tech of The University of Montana


THAT:����������������������������������� The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Montana Tech to renovate an area within its HPER Building in order to increase space for its weight room area.� This expansion responds to increased student demand as well as safety requirements.� This authorization includes approval for Montana Tech to take out an Intercap loan of $300,000 to be repaid through student fees.� Upon repayment of the loan, the student fee revenue would support the operation of the HPER facility.


EXPLANATION:����������������� Students initiated this weight room expansion project to improve the quality of student wellness, physical fitness, and strength training facilities.� The current space exceeds safety standards due to the close proximity of heavy and potentially dangerous equipment and overcrowding.� New additional strength training equipment will also be purchased for the expanded facility. The new fee to support this project is being requested by the students through Montana Tech�s submission to the MUS Validation and Inventory of Fees process.� On two occasions, student votes strongly supported the project and the new mandatory fee.� The Montana Tech Administration supports this student initiative.� The expansion will convert existing space to create a new room at the second floor level of the building.� This new room will be in close proximity to the existing weight room, also on the second floor, allowing for convenient access to both.� A completed preliminary architect�s design determined feasibility and provides an accurate cost estimate.�


ATTACHMENTS:                Preliminary drawings for project.