ITEM 112-001-R0701����������������������������������������������������������������������������� July 12-13, 2001

702.5 Appointment; Executive Contracts; Commissioner and Presidents

Effective June 12, 1984; Issued June 25, 1984�� REVISED

Board policy:

The following policy shall apply in written contracts of employment with the Commissioner of Higher Education or any of the Presidents of the units of the Montana University System in the absence of express contract provisions which are to the contrary.


Initial contracts for a Commissioner of Higher Education or President of a unit of Montana University System shall be for a period of two years. Salary increments shall be determined annually. An incumbent may be dismissed during the contract period for adequate cause.


Initial contracts may be renewed at the discretion of the Board of Regents.� Such renewal shall be for a one-year period.� Salary increments shall continue to be determined annually.� Written notice of renewal or non-renewal shall be given by June 30 December 31 prior to the final contract year date of expiration of the contract.� In the event no notice is given by December 31 the contract shall expire at its termination date and shall not automatically be renewed for another term.� No advance notice shall be required in the event of dismissal for adequate cause.��


During the final contract year, the Commissioner or President may be assigned administrative or other duties at one of the units of the System or in the Commissioner's office.� An alternate arrangement may be negotiated which is mutually agreeable to the person involved and the Board.


Item 17-004-R0777, Contract Terms; Commissioner of Higher Education and unit presidents, Montana University System, July 11, 1977 as revised June 12, 1984.


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