ITEM 112-003-R0701��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� July 12-13, 2001





The Board hereby directs the Commissioner of Higher Education to:


(1)    Work with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and any other state agencies as necessary, to identify land grant revenues affected by the passage of SB 511 (i.e., timber sale proceeds) during the most recent legislative session, and to determine when and how these monies will be made available to the Montana University System; and


(2)    Take any actions necessary to retain the maximum amount of Regents� discretion regarding the purposes to which these monies shall be applied; and��


(3)    Review any constitutional, statutory and contractual requirements for the disposition of these monies; and


(4)    Develop a mechanism, consistent with the above noted legal requirements, whereby the maximum amount of these monies can be equitably applied to offset or reduce campus building fees for Montana resident students; and


(5)    Present to the Regents at their next regularly scheduled meeting, or as soon thereafter as is possible, a proposed Board policy to implement this motion.