ITEM 112-107-R0901


TO:������������������ Board of Regents


FROM:������������� Sue Hill, Director

�����������������������  Labor Relations and Personnel


RE:������������������ Approval of Tentative Agreement with The University of Montana-Western Faculty Association


DATE:�������������� September 27-28, 2001


Attached is a summary of the tentative agreement with The University of Montana-Western Faculty Association.� The attachment only includes those sections of the agreement where modifications were made.� The entire agreement is available for your review on line at:�


The agreement provides for 4% salary increases effective November 1st in each year of the biennium.� If enrollment falls below 980 FTE in the fall semester of 2001 or 2002 (fall 2000 enrollment was 975 FTE) the administration may initiate renegotiation of the raises for 2002-2003.� The salary minimums for each rank except Assistant Professor were increased by 4% each year.� The minimum salary for Assistant Professor was increased by $4,000 or approximately 13% in FY 02 and 4% in FY 03.� The amount of flexibility afforded the administration to hire above the salary floor was increased from $4,000 to $6,000 with an additional $10,000 (an increase from $4,000) with the agreement of the Association President.� The salary maximum for summer session was increased by 12.7% for summer 2002 and 4% for summer 2003.� Stipends for promotions were increased by 4% each year.� Additional increases to retain faculty with offers of employment at other institutions were authorized and may be implemented at the discretion of the administration.� No money was budgeted for such increases.


There were quite a few language changes agreed to during this round of negotiations.� Most were not very substantive.� The normal teaching workload of full-time tenured and tenurable faculty was defined as 24 hours per academic year in section 7.220.� The recently adopted Regent policy on ownership of electronic course material was adopted by reference.� Sick leave usage was clarified.� The minimum number of funded sabbaticals was reduced from two to one.� The procedures for the selection of an arbitrator were modified.


The faculty at The University of Montana-Western are expected to ratify the tentative agreement prior to September 27th.� Subject to faculty ratification, I recommend approval of the tentative agreement with The University of Montana-Western Faculty Association.


xc:������� Commissioner Crofts

����������� President Dennison

����������� Chancellor Hulbert