ITEM 112-112-R0901� attachment II


DATE:����������� September 11, 2001


TO:���������������� Board of Regents


FROM:���������� Richard Crofts, Commissioner


RE:���������������� Quality Enhancements

The operating budgets that are recommended for your approval at the upcoming meeting of the Board of Regents include the revenue from the 1% additional tuition increase approved by the Regents for quality and productivity improvements.� The purpose of this memo is to provide you a summary of these quality enhancements on a campus-by-campus basis.� The CEOs will, of course, be available to answer any questions you may have during the Regents� Budget Workshop on September 26, 2001.


Montana University System

FY 2002 Quality Enhancements

From 1% Tuition Increase


University of Montana-Missoula ($350,942)

         $101,768���� Summer School

-The summer school curriculum increased by 56 course sections

-As part of the annual Leadership Institute for Montana school administrators, the University was able to bring in Dr. Carl Glickman to conduct a workshop on student assessment and benchmarks for curriculum.

         $100,000���� Academic Program Enhancements

-Additional sections are being offered in English, Math, and Business

-The Writing Lab extended its hours of operation

-Six sections of the Freshman Seminar in Fall 2001 are being offered with three planned for Spring 2002

         $35,000������ College of Technology

-An evening program in computer technology begins this fall

         $114,174���� Library

-The additional investment will allow the Library to enhance� periodical collections.

-These funds provide for the support needs for Internet access and increased availability of books.


Montana Tech of The University of Montana ($44,161)

         $10,210���� To assess general education learning outcomes for students in the junior class and to assess student satisfaction generally at the campus.� These initiatives respond to the recommendations of the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges during the last institutional accreditation review.�

         $33,951���� Partial funding for a new faculty position in Nursing to support increased enrollment and to support improvements in instruction.


The University of Montana-Western ($20,895)

         $12,500��� To enhance library services and faculty development through partial funding to hire a full-time Instructional Technologist.� A grant provided the remainder.

         $� 8,395��� To maintain and enhance the Early Childhood Education program.� Sites and faculty would have been reduced if this funding were not available.


The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology ($12,375)

          $12,375�� to pay one-third of the cost of a full-time tenure-track faculty member in the Computer Technology program.� With that faculty position, HCT will be able to replace approximately 10 adjunct faculty with improvements in the quality of instruction and better student advising.


Montana State University-Bozeman ($337,001)

          $11,600����� Additional (Fall) Freshmen Seminars in the College of Letters and Sciences

          $10,500����� Additional sections of Art

          $25,000����� Additional English 121 writing classes

          $6,000������� Additional sections of Media and Theatre Arts

          $8,000������� Additional Freshmen Seminars � General Studies

          $3,750������� Additional section of University Honors 201

          $4,000������� Additional Honors Music

          $211,151��� Earmarked tuition revenue to serve students in high demand academic programs experiencing continued growth - distributed by Provost & Deans

          $12,000����� On-Line Student Application System

          $45,000����� Core Curriculum Revision Pilot Program


Montana State University-Billings ($81,799)

           $ 5,000 �� First Year Experience:� A program will be developed to provide in-depth orientation, intrusive advising, and college success strategies to students.�

           $31,799��� Library:� Budget has been added to enhance library services through providing more staffing and information resources.

           $10,000��� Native American student mentoring program:� In fiscal year 2002, MSU-Billings will develop and implement a Native American student mentoring program and a special leadership program for ethnically diverse students.

           $10,000��� Civic Engagement:� MSU-Billings will develop outreach programs in partnership with local social service agencies and nursing homes during fiscal year 2002.�

           $15,000��� Honors:� This budget allocation will be used to develop and operate the honors program and provide honors scholarships.

           $10,000��� International Studies:� This budget allocation will be used to expand the international studies program and to provide financial assistance to encourage MSUB students to engage in exchange programs.


Montana State University-Northern ($24,800)

           $7,500����� Library -Book Budgets increased������������������������

           $2,500����� Library � Subscription Budget�����������������������������������������

           $14,800��� Wiring upgrades in three (3) technical science classrooms to enhance access� to network and internet resources


Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology ($12,554)

           $2,250����� to provide release time through the College�s Faculty Entrepreneurs Initiative for faculty to identify, develop curriculum for, and provide training in a Professional Core of Instructional Technology Competencies.

           $8,054����� toward the purchase of two �smart podiums,� so that each department of the College has at its disposal state-of-the-art multi-media support for classroom lectures and presentations.

           $2,250����� to provide release time through the Faculty Entrepreneurs Initiative for faculty to develop and assist in the delivery of effective placement, tutoring, and remediation activities through its Learning Center.