ITEM NO. 114-111-R0102�� AGREEMENT


Tentative Agreement

between the

Montana University System


Montana University System

Maintenance Painters Union


Modify the 1999-2001 agreement as follows.


1.�������� PREAMBLE


Change� �1st day of July 1999� to reflect the new effective date of the collective bargaining agreement.


2.�������� 1.2.A.� Temporary Employees


Change the third to the last sentence as follows:� �Temporary employment must, where applicable, be at rates established by this agreement.�


3.�������� 6.2� LONGEVITY PAY


Change to read:� �Employees shall receive longevity pay in accordance with state statutes.� Present law grants each employee who has completed five (5) years of uninterrupted service 1.5% of their base salary multiplied by the number of completed, contiguous five (5) year periods of uninterrupted service.� In addition, each employee who has completed fifteen (15) or twenty (20) years of interrupted state service receives an additional 0.5% of the employee�s base salary for each of those additional five (5) years of uninterrupted service.�


4.�������� 6.4� PAY AND DEDUCTIONS


����������� Delete the words �U.S. savings bonds� in the third sentence.


5.�������� 7.2.G.� Holidays Not Charged


����������� Delete (covered in section 8.8.).


6.�������� 10.1� PROBATIONARY PERIOD


Add the following new sentence between the first and second sentence:� �Temporary employees who are hired into a permanent position are required to serve a six (6) month probationary period in the permanent position.�


7.�������� 11.2� Outside Employment


Change title to Ethical Conduct and Prohibited Activities and change to read:� �Public employees have a special obligation to carry out their duties for the benefit of the people of the state and to avoid taking actions that cause them to violate the public�s trust.� State law at 2-2-101 through 2-2-304 MCA includes several specific prohibitions and provides for significant penalties including fines and imprisonment for violators.� Employees may also be subject to discipline for violation of public trust.� Examples of prohibitions include but are not limited to:� 1) using work time, facilities, equipment supplies, personnel or funds for private business purposes including any campaign activity persuading or affecting a political decision; 2) engaging in any activity, including lobbying on behalf of an organization of which the employee is a member while performing job duties 3) receiving two salaries as a public employee for work during overlapping hours; 4) accepting a substantial gift or economic benefit, or reward for an official action; 5) disclosing or using confidential information acquired in the course of official duties in order to further the employee�s personal economic interests; 6) assisting any person for a fee or other compensation in obtaining any service, claim, license, or other economic benefit from the employer; 7) performing any official act directly and substantially affecting a business or other undertaking in which the employee has a substantial interest or is engaged as a consultant, representative or agent; 8) soliciting or accepting employment or engaging in meetings or negotiations to consider employment with a person who the employee regulates in their official duties without first giving notice to their supervisor, or 9) engaging in a substantial transaction for private business purposes with a person the employee inspects or supervises.�


8.�������� 14.1� Contract Term

����������� 14.2� Negotiation Schedule


����������� Change 1999 to 2001 and change 2001 to 2003.


9.�������� Addendum A.I.� WAGE RAGES


����������� Change to read:



November 1, 2001

November 1, 2002

Journeyman Painter






Painter Associate