������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �March 21-22, 2002


� ITEM 114-111-R0302��������������� BUDGET AMENDMENT � FISCAL YEAR 2002

Dawson Community College


� THAT:������������������������������������ The Board of Regents authorizes Dawson Community College to increase their operating budget by $35,000


EXPLANATION:��������������������� 20-15-312 MCA requires:

�The board of regents shall review the proposed total operating budget and all its components and make any changes it determines necessary.� The board of trustees of a community college district shall operate within the limits of the operating budget approved by the board of regents.�


Dawson Community College has enrolled approximately 30 FTE students above their original budget.� The college expects to collect approximately $35,000 in additional tuition revenues.� The revenues will be spent $20,800 on the JV Baseball team and the remaining $14,200 on equipment and supplies for the college.� The Board of Trustees for Dawson Community College has approved this budget amendment.