May 23-24, 2002


ITEM 115-1003-R0502��������������� Authorization to Implement Super Tuition, School of Business Administration; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:��������������������������������������The University of Montana-Missoula proposes the implementation of super tuition to support technology-enriched curriculum of the School of Business Administration (SOBA).�


EXPLANATION:����������������������  SOBA proposes to charge super tuition to juniors, seniors, and on-campus graduate students majoring in Business.� All upper-division business students taking seven credits or more will pay an additional $250 per semester; those students taking fewer than seven credits will pay an additional $150 per semester.� Graduate students will continue to use the current admissions process for the MBA or MAcct programs.� SOBA will allow only junior- and senior-level undergraduate students with a declared major in Business to take upper-division (300- and 400- level) Business courses.�


The cost of the business program remains high because of the technology incorporated into the Gallagher Business Building and higher salaries paid to business faculty members due to market demand.� Super tuition will help offset these additional costs.


Much of UM-M�s business graduates� success on a national level results from the technology-enriched learning environment of the Gallagher Business Building.� SOBA�s mission includes a commitment to excellence in providing innovative experiential learning.� The Gallagher Business Building, with over $2 million worth of information technology, provides the framework to achieve this mission.�


The SOBA Technology Support Team provides training and support to students and faculty to utilize the technology available in the Gallagher Business Building.� SOBA has done so without any additional sources of central funding since 1996.� The SOBA instructional budget, private and corporate support, revenue from fees for service, and funds from the Student Computer Usage and Instructional Fees currently fund operations.� This funding stream can no longer adequately sustain the $2 million worth of technology in the Gallagher Business Building and the growing business student enrollment.


The funds from the super tuition, combined with the other sources, will:� 1) enable SOBA to maintain a cutting-edge learning environment; 2) free funding currently used to support technology from the SOBA instructional budget to support instruction; and 3) assist SOBA during the AACSB Accreditation process.


The attachment provides the rationale and data.


ATTACHMENT:������������������������ The University of Montana School of Business Administration Super Tuition Proposal.