May 23-24, 2002


ITEM 115-2005-R0502��������������� Annual Status Report of Regents Authority; Montana State University�����������������������


THAT:�� �����������������������������������Consistent with the provisions of Regents Policy, Montana State University hereby reports the status of existing project authority approved by the Board of Regents, for MSU-Bozeman and its affiliated campuses.������


EXPLANATION:����������������������� 1.�� Regent�s Policy 1003.7, Procedures 2 (b) requires each University to �report and update annually to the Board of Regents regarding existing authority.�


2.�� The attached document meets the reporting requirements mandated in 1003.7.������������ �����


ATTACHMENT ������������             Board of Regents Authority - Annual Status Report Montana State University - May 2002