ITEM 116-102-R0902��� ATTACHMENT








Modify the 1999-2002 collective bargaining agreement as follows.


1.�������� 2.620� SUMMER SESSION


Change to read:� �Faculty members accepting a summer session notice of appointment have the same duties during that appointment as during the academic year.� For faculty with less than a full-time teaching load the duties shall be proportionate to their teaching load.�




Change to read:� �The campus-wide assessment instrument, that which was agreed upon through negotiations and included as Appendix I, shall be used, except for courses taught on-line.� A separate assessment instrument, to be developed and agreed upon by the FACC, shall be used for on-line courses.�


A unit may make additions to the campus-wide instrument, but no items may be deleted.� The unit shall be responsible for printing and scoring the additional items which shall be retained in the unit and not become part of the numerical summary.�


3.�������� 9.440� ASSESSMENT DATA


Change to read:� �Student Assessment of Faculty Teaching materials shall be summarized after the conclusion of the course and the assignment of grades.


A. ������� Numerical Summary:� The Department Chair shall prepare a summary of the numerical data received for each course assessed, using the numerical summary sheet provided by the Academic Vice Chancellor.� The administration shall provide computational assistance if requested to do so by the Department Chair.


B.�������� Unit Data:� The Department Chair shall be responsible for printing and scoring the items which the unit has added to the instrument.� These data shall not be included in the numerical summary.


C.�������� Numerical Data:� After preparing the numerical summary, the Department Chair shall retain the original numerical summary and shall give a copy to the faculty member.


D.�������� Student Comments:� In order to insure student confidentiality, all student comments shall be typed verbatim and initialed by a non-student, non-faculty employee.� Typed student comments shall be retained by the Department Chair and a copy shall be given to the faculty member.


4.�������� 9.450� USE OF ASSESSMENT DATA� Change to read:


�A.������� The Department Chair shall retain numerical summaries and typed student comments and shall review both annually with faculty.� Copies of numerical summaries and typed student comments shall be given to the faculty member.


B.�������� If a faculty member is teaching a course outside of his or her department or has a split appointment, the Department Chair shall forward copies of the numerical summaries and typed student comments to the Chair of the appropriate Department.� If a faculty member is teaching a required course in a program of study, the appropriate Department Chair shall be given, upon request, a copy of numerical summaries.� In the case where there is no Department Chair, the Dean will assume these responsibilities.�


����������� Note:� Current subsection B will become subsection C.


5.�������� Add the following new subsection to Section 9.710 between current Subsections F and G and renumber remaining subsections.


�G.������� By April 1, of each year, Deans shall give the Academic Vice Chancellor yearly written notification of the final results of all post tenure reviews for college faculty specifying whether each faculty member�s performance was (1) meritorious (exceptional), (2) met expectations or (3) unsatisfactory.� This information shall also be included in each faculty member�s personnel file.�


6.� ������ Add the following memorandum of understanding.


�The parties agree to a 4 percent base-building salary increase for the academic year 2002-2003, effective November 1, 2002.� It is understood that the implementation of this increase and current conditions will require additional budget reductions and reallocations including but not limited to cuts in programs, faculty and staff.� In this context it will be increasingly important to aggressively develop new programs and services to respond to the needs of students and the community.


The 4 percent salary increase will not be implemented until after student enrollment numbers for spring term have been finalized.� The 4 percent increase is conditioned upon whether or not Montana State University-Billings (senior campus only) has a fiscal year enrollment of at least 3,450 full time equivalent students including resident, nonresident, and WUE students.


If the above enrollment is not realized, the 4 percent increase will not be implemented and the parties will commence collaborative negotiations over the issue of faculty salaries at the earliest possible date.�