September 19-20, 2002


ITEM 116-2702-R0902��������������� Authorization to Renovate Space Within the College of Technology; Montana State University-Billings


THAT:�� ����������������������������������� Consistent with the provisions of the Board of Regents Policy and Procedures Manual; Physical Plant Authorization for Building Projects �All proposals for new construction or renovation of an existing building with costs in excess of $150,000 shall be submitted to the Board of Regents for approval.� the Board authorizes Montana State University- Billings to renovate space within the College of Technology. The estimated cost is $1,000,000.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� 1. � The College of Technology is located in a 115,000 square foot building 7 miles west of the main campus of Montana State University � Billings.


2.�� Last biennium the Legislature authorized planning funds for a $10,000,000 addition/renovation at the College of Technology.� The project included� $8,000,000 of LRBP funds along with $2,000,000 of other funds.


3.�� The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has granted $1,000,000 to renovate the College of Technology at Montana State� University � Billings to provide an innovative support� system and environment to meet the needs of new local, regional, and statewide technology industries.�� Another $1,000,000 is pending.


4.�� The scope of the (HUD funded) first phase will construct approximately 7,500 square feet of second story space above an existing shop area.� The new space will consist of classrooms, labs, and support� areas for the Technology Training Center (attachment� 1).


5.�� This project will be financed with federal (VA-HUD- Independent Agencies Appropriations Act for FY 2002) funds.


6.�� The use of federal fund for this project requires the approval of the Board of Regents and the consent of� the Governor.


7.       This construction will not result in new programs.� The renovation will assist in meeting the growing needs of previously approved� programs and the growing student FTE at the College of� Technology.


8.       There will be no additional operation and maintenance costs due to this construction.� This is a remodeling of existing space that already has operation maintenance costs build in.


9.�� Additional project documentation is enclosed (attachment 2).


Project Description:

Construct and remodel approximately 7,500 square feet to accommodate:

         Classrooms, labs, and support areas for the Technology Training Center (attachment 1)


Project Request:� $1,000,000

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)