ITEM 117-2002-R1102� ATTACHMENT


Board of Regents Policy: Physical Plant - Section 1003.7


This authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following additional information:


(a)������� Project Description:�������������������������������


This project will purchase and install a small modular building (~2200sf) to house the Work Control Center and various Facilities Services office functions.


(b)������� Cost Estimate and Funding Sources:

$        Estimated Cost

$        Design ������������ $����� 28,000

$        Construction����� $��� 197,000

$        Contingency����� $ �����25,000

Total Estimate � $��� 250,000


$        Funding Source: This project will be financed with revenue from Facilities Services non-state (designated) operations.


(c)������� Programs served, enrollment data, projected enrollments: The programs directly served by this facility are limited to Facilities Services internal operations. In a broader sense, the Office of Facilities Services (OFS) provides design, construction, maintenance, custodial, grounds, garbage hauling, motor pool, and utilities services to the general campus community.


(d)������� Space Utilization Data:� In addition to the 1950 Plew Building, OFS currently occupies some of the lowest grade space in existance on campus. The last net space addition to the Plew Building occurred in 1983, which consisted of enclosing an existing lean-to, covered, vehicle parking shed at the south end of the building to house the Electrical Shop, Plumbing Shop and a small trades break room. In order to free up some additional unfinished attic space for use as a CADD room, in 1995, OFS renovated one of its WWII quonset huts from cold storage to house the OFS Records operation (Building Plans, Project files, maint protocols, etc). The CADD room and the Work Control Center are now packed with employees, resulting in less than 80sf per employee, including circulation, layout space, etc.


(e)������� Projected use for available residual space: The small amount of space freed up by relocating the Work Control Center to the modular building will be used to relieve the severe over-crowding in the balance of the OFS office areas and to return some badly needed space to the Campus Stores operation.


(f)�������� Projected Regular and Long-Term Maintenance Costs and proposed funding sources:� Projected regular and long-term maintenance costs will to be funded from Facilities Services non-state (designated) operations revenue.