ITEM 118-101-R0103����������������������������������������������������������������� January 16-17, 2003

State statute says that �the governor shall appoint the student [regent] . . . based upon a nomination provided by a student organization designated by the board of regents.� 2-15-1508(3)(b).� The Montana Associated Students has generally been recognized as the appropriate group to make such nominations but the Regents have never implemented the statute by formally designating MAS.� The following amendment corrects that oversight.


SUBJECT:  STUDENT AFFAIRS                                        

Policy 506.3 - Montana Associated Students
November 18, 1999; Issued December 10, 1999

Board policy:

            1.  The Montana Associated Students (MAS) of the Montana University System is a regularly constituted organization under the authority of recognized by the Board of Regents.�


            1.  Composition

                        The Montana Associated Students shall be composed of fourteen voting members:  the duly elected student body presidents (or their designees) of (a) the six four‑year postsecondary campuses of the Montana University System; (b) the five colleges of technology of the Montana University System; and (c) Dawson, Miles, and Flathead Valley Community Colleges.

            2.  Function

a.       The Montana Associated Students shall establish its own procedures which shall be filed with the Commissioner of Higher Education.

b.       The Montana Associated Students is the student organization designated by the Regents to provide nominations for student regent to the Governor as provided for in 2-15-1508(3)(b) MCA.���