Montana University System New Academic Program Proposal Summary


Campus:� Montana Tech of The University of Montana����� Item Number: 118-1502-R0103


Program Title:� Economic Development Resource Center       Date:� January 16 � 17, 2003


1.�������� How does this program advance the campus� academic mission and fit priorities?

In the strategic plan for Montana Tech �Building The Future While Honoring Our Heritage,� Goal III is the economic development and workforce training of which an action plan is to create an office of economic development.� The objective is to enhance the effectiveness of our ongoing support for Montana businesses and industries and identify opportunities to support new and expanding companies.� It is a long-standing tradition at Montana Tech to work closely with industry.� This center strengthens the ties to local industries.


2.�������� How does this program fit the Board of Regents� goals and objectives?

The Board of Regents� Goals and Objectives clearly request this type of action from the campuses.� Specifically in the mission to �actively participating in the preservation and advancement of Montana�s economy and society� and in Goal D �To be responsive to market, employment, and economic development needs of the State and the Nation.�


3.�������� How does this program support or advance Montana�s needs and interests?

The program directly influences the economic development needs and interests in Southwest Montana.


4.��������� How will this program contribute to economic development in Montana? (Note projected annual economic impact both regionally and statewide.)

the center alone will spend $300,000 in the state of Montana in the first two years.�����


5.�������� What is the Program�s planned capacity?    

                            Break-even point?_____NA_______FTE students


����������� Enrollments/year? NA


����������� Graduates/year?� NA


����������� MT jobs/year? 1.5� (Center staff )



6.�������� Resource Allocation


����������� Total program budget?�� $ 150,000/yr               Faculty FTE?  0.5

                                                                                Staff FTE? 1.0


����������� Does this program require new resources?� No� �������������� Amount?


����������� How will the campus fund the program?


The center is funded through grant funds from a federal earmark through the Department of Commerce Small Business Administration.


����������� If internal reallocation is necessary, name the sources? None