May 29-30, 2003


ITEM 119-1009-R0503��������������� Authority Reports; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:�������������������������������������� Consistent with Board of Regents� Policy 1003.7, Authorization for Building Projects (Board of Regents� Item 112-105-R0701), The University of Montana hereby submits the attached status reports of BOR and LRBP authority.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� Board of Regents� policy requires that the campuses of the University System submit a project authorization status report annually at the May Board of Regents� meeting.


This authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following additional information:


����������� A.�������� Project Description:


These miscellaneous renovation and maintenance projects will include window replacements and roof repairs, lead and asbestos abatement, painting, siding replacement, furnace replacement, etc.


B.�������� Cost Estimate and Funding Sources:


The estimated cost of this project over three years is $1,500,000, including construction costs, consultants fees, and all other expenses associated with all phases of the project.� This project will be financed with auxiliary funds and will result in no new programs.


C.�������� Programs Served, Enrollment Data, Projected Enrollments:


Not applicable.


D.�������� Space Utilization Data:


Not applicable.


E.�������� Projected Use for Available Residual Space:


Not applicable.


F.�������� Projected O&M Costs and Proposed Funding Sources:


The higher efficiency furnaces should reduce operational costs.


ATTACHMENT:������������ Annual Status Report.