May 29, 30, 2003����������

ITEM 119-106-R0503


Amendment to Policy 201.7 � By-Laws


Article IV of Policy 201.7 � By-Laws is amended as follows:

ARTICLE IV. Officers

The officers of the board consist of a chair, vice-chair and secretary. The chair and vice-chair shall be elected from the appointed membership of the board for a period of two years one year or to the expiration of his or her term on the board, whichever comes first. In the absence of the chair, the vice-chair will preside. However, the chair may assign any Regent to temporarily preside over some specific portion of a meeting. If the office of chair or vice-chair is vacated prior to the expiration of the term, the board will hold an election to fill the vacated office. The newly elected officer will serve for the remainder of the term. The commissioner of higher education will serve as secretary to the board.

Effective Date:� This item is effective upon passage and applies to the term of current officers.� The board shall hold an election of officers as the next item of business following passage of this amendment to the by-laws.