ITEM 119-114-R0503                                                          May 29-30, 2003




Board of Regents � Travel Expenses and Reimbursement


Board of Regents expense reimbursement will �generally follow the rules for travel that have been promulgated by the Department of Administration� as indicated in Board Policy 807.1 Employee Travel.� In addition, Board members may be reimbursed for approved out of pocket costs incurred in serving in the official capacity of Regent.


         Regents will be reimbursed for cost of travel for official Regent business at the approved state rate.


         Regents who do not have a vehicle available should make arrangements with the campus for use of a motor pool vehicle.


         Rental car costs for in-state travel will be reimbursed only to the level of the mileage reimbursement rate for the standard distance as determined by the Department of Administration.� Rental car costs necessary in conjunction with air transportation will be fully reimbursed.


         Travel should occur on the day of meetings or functions, when reasonably able to do so, to reduce lodging costs and per diem.


         Reimbursement for lodging will be at the single occupancy rate and at state rates, regardless of lodging expenses.


         Each Regent will be provided with a State telephone credit card for use in business related to the position of Regent.


         Postage will be reimbursed for correspondence essential to carrying out the responsibilities of serving as a Regent.


         Should OCHE observe deviations from the above, the Chair will be asked to mediate and/or provide opinion as to the compatibility with the will of the Board.� Members may appeal these Chair opinions to the Board for final resolution.