September 25-26, 2003


ITEM 119-2013-R0503��������������� BOR Policy 802.3, Salaries; Summer Salaries; Montana State University-Bozeman


NOTE:������������������������������������� This is a revised item, which the Board continued from the July 2003 meeting.


THAT:�������������������������������������� Effective with the Summer of 2004 and through the Summer of 2006, Montana State University-Bozeman may assign faculty to summer sessionteaching duties beyond their normal, historical, full-time teaching loads and, in such cases, compensate faculty at a rate in excess of two-ninths of the AY salary under such terms and conditions as may be appropriate to the assignment, but in no case to exceed three ninths of the AY salary rate.��


                                                MSU-Bozeman will submit each such assignment to the Board at the first possible regular meeting and will report on the results of its experience to the Commissioner of Higher Education on an annual basis.�


EXPLANATION:����������������������� Montana State University-Bozeman has the capacity for significant growth in summer enrollments that would produce corresponding and needed growth in revenues. Expansion of summer programs is an important strategic priority for MSU-Bozeman and will produce more efficient overall utilization of campus facilities.


Currently, roughly 20% of MSU-Bozeman tenured faculty teach during the summer semester. Of that number, only 20-30 reach the two-ninths compensation maximum.� It is this group for which the campus is seeking additional flexibility.


In order to provide additional courses and new and/or special programs throughout the summer term(s), it will be more efficient and productive for MSU-Bozeman to have the flexibility for key faculty to take on additional teaching responsibilities. Providing the campus the flexibility to exceed the 2/9 cap in the current policy, on an "as required" basis, will be helpful and, in some cases, essential to building summer enrollments.