July 10-11, 2003


ITEM 120-1002-R0703��������������� Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Sociology upon Rodney L. Brod; The University of Montana-Missoula


THAT:�������������������������������������� Rodney L. Brod. Professor of Sociology, in his 27 years of service to The University of Montana, has merited the appreciation and commendation of the Board of Regents of the Montana University System, and has earned recognition as Professor Emeritus of Sociology.


EXPLANATION:����������������������� Professor Rodney Brod earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Southern Illinois University in 1964 and 1965, respectively.  He went on to earn his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1972.  After teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, he joined the faculty at The University of Montana in fall of 1975 and has served here continuously since that time.  He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1977 and full Professor in 1983 and was appointed Adjunct Professor of Education in 1988 and Adjunct Professor of Native American Studies in 1989.  In his distinguished career of teaching, research, and service, Professor Brod combined three major interests: Sociology, Native America Studies, and Education. 

Professor Brod has a reputation as a dedicated teacher who expects much from his students.  He spends countless hours acting as a mentor, especially to Native American students across campus.  Dr. Brod is also a long-time instructor with The University of Montana Health Careers Opportunity Program.  Because of his expertise in research methods and statistics, he frequently is called upon to serve as a committee member for students completing theses and dissertations within a variety of disciplines.

Professor Brod is widely published in Sociology, Native American Studies, and Education. The focus of much of his research has been on the delivery of education and health care in Native American communities. The recipient of many grants, he has consulted with tribes across the United States regarding issues in health care and education.  Professor Brod serves on editorial boards and frequently reviews articles and books for major journals.


Professor Brod has been very generous in his service to students, the Sociology Department, The University of Montana, the field of Sociology, and the larger community.  He has worked closely with individual students and student organizations, especially the American Indian Science, and Engineering Society (AISES) and the Kyi-yo Native American student association.  He was instrumental in the development of The University of Montana Native American Studies minor, major, and Department.  He helped form the Race, Gender & Class Association and the race, gender, and class section of the American Sociological Association.

In recognition of his outstanding career of dedicated service, the Department of Sociology is honored to recommend Professor Rodney L. Brod for Emeritus status.