ITEM NO. 122-110-R0104����������


TO:������������������ Board of Regents


FROM:������������� LeRoy H. Schramm

����������������������� Chief Legal Counsel


RE:������������������ Residency Policy Amendment


DATE:�������������� January 15-16, 2004

The attached amendment has been drafted at the request of Regent Morrison-Hamilton and it grows out of a discussion the Board had at the November meeting.� Current Board policy allows a Montana high school graduate to leave the state for up to 15 months and still retain his/her residency for tuition purposes when the student enrolls upon his/her return to the state.� This amendment extends that grace period to 39 months.� The amendment also extends the period of time after initial registration that a student can take advantage of this exception.� This amendment does not affect individuals who leave the state either to go to school or fulfill military obligations.� The policy already says that such absences will not cause a person to lose their residency status.�����������